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Son Altesse Royale le duc d'Édimbourg, In Memoriam

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It is with the deepest regret that this Embassy and Norwegians in Canada have received news of the death of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. His Majesty King Harald V of Norway has conveyed his condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth ll.

Jon Fredriksen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway
2021-04-11 09:39:09

My deepest condolences to your family in your time of loss. May HRH Prince Philip Rest In Peace.

Lorraine Hemsley
2021-04-11 09:36:10

Sending my deepest condolences to you and your family at this sad time.
Prince Philip was a great man and a horseman. R.I.P Sir and thanks for the years of service.

2021-04-11 09:33:33

My deepest condolences to her majesty Queen Elizabeth and all of the Royal family.

Edward O
2021-04-11 09:31:24


2021-04-11 09:27:24

Mes sincères condoléances à toute la famille royale.
Que reposez en paix Prince Philipp.

Martine PIERRE
2021-04-11 09:26:46

Our sincerest condolences to Her Majesty and family on the loss of HRH Prince Philip, a man of great service.

Carol Daley and LCdr Darrell Boone MD FRCSC
2021-04-11 09:18:48

Une vie bien remplie, un repos bien mérité. Symphaties à la famille royale.

2021-04-11 09:15:26

My deepest heart-felt condolences. My heart breaks for the Queen. I know she has suffered the greatest loss of her life. My prayers are with the Royal Family at this difficult time.

Robin Cardillo
2021-04-11 09:08:48

Thank you for your dedicated service to all the Commonwealth

Barbara Neish
2021-04-11 09:07:58

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Royal Family and to her Majesty.
We were honour to have Prince Philip visit our country Canada over the past decades.
May he Rest In Peace and know that we will miss him.

Victoria Jennings Hughson
2021-04-11 09:07:55

Condolences to the Queen and all the royal family. Rest in peace Prince Philip.

2021-04-11 09:03:53

Deepest condolences to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II and family.

Jagtar Badhan
2021-04-11 09:03:10

My sincerest condolences to Her Majesty and family for the great loss of HRH Prince Philip.
Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

2021-04-11 08:58:01

My deepest condolences to her majesty Queen Elizabeth and all of the Royal family. It's never easy to lose someone we love. I have such a respect for the relationship the Queen had with Prince Phillip. I hope the love you feel from us in the Commonwealth brings you some form of comfort. God Bless.

Kim Denault
2021-04-11 08:52:15

God Save the Queen

Robert Maheu Des Hazards
2021-04-11 08:44:37

You will be sadly missed by so many

Dan Gallagher
2021-04-11 08:29:31

Nos plus sincères condoléances à toute la famille, nos pensées sont avec vous. ( Québec, Canada)

Claudette & Daniel
2021-04-11 08:28:34

Deepest condolences to the Royal Family.This is truly the end of an Era.

2021-04-11 08:27:57

Thinking of all the family during this most difficult time. Our hearts and prayers are with you all. May his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh Rest In Peace.

Patricia Dixon
2021-04-11 08:26:44

Met HRH briefly in 1981at disbandment parade. He was very gracious to me. A good and long life but I’m certain he will be missed by everyone who shared part of it.

2021-04-11 08:24:50

My condoléances to her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II and to all of the members of the Royal Family. We are never ready to loss person who your love, just close your eyes, think about the love of the Duke of Edimbourg had for his wife, his family and spread all around the world, his love staying alive in the heart of everyone.
Good courage in this hard time of the life to all the Royal Family members.

Paule Dussault
2021-04-11 08:24:50

In 1973, the Queen and Prince Philip agreed to make an unscheduled walk about along the highway to greet the small group of islanders that were standing along the highway near Crapaud.
Prince Philip stopped and chatted with us. After asking where we were from, he declared we were “a small pocket of locals” with the poshest accent I had ever heard in my entire life!
We were charmed!

Holly MacDonald
2021-04-11 08:13:23

Condolences to Her Majesty and the family on the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Rest in peace, Sir. You served your country and Commonwealth well.

Susan Ozembloski
2021-04-11 08:12:59

His Royal Highness lived his life with the highest sense of purpose and served us all well. Now he has earned his eternal rest. My condolences to the Queen and her family at this difficult time.

Linda H.
2021-04-11 08:11:50

We are so very sorry to have lost him. Our hearts are with the family and, above all, with the Queen.

peter and gena gorrell
2021-04-11 08:05:40

We are sorry for your family’s loss and our hearts are with you.

Brandon and Kelly Everhardt
2021-04-11 08:00:05

I am deeply shocked by the sad demise of Prince Philip.

2021-04-11 07:56:29

I enjoyed seeing Prince Philip and The Queen on some of their trips to Canada . My prayers go out to her Majesty and the family.

Nancy Sleeth
2021-04-11 07:56:22

Deepest condolences to you Queen Elizabeth II and your family on the passing of your husband Prince Phillip Duke Such an amazing life and story. Peace be with you all xo

Lisa Meadus Snell
2021-04-11 07:53:48

Sending condolences to Queen Elizabeth and her family at the sad time. I admire Prince Philip for supporting and always standing by the queen. He seemed so loving and caring toward her.

Shelagh Mercer
2021-04-11 07:49:44

My condolences to the Queen and all the Royal family. Thanks to Prince Phillip for his exemplary service to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Lori Hendriks
2021-04-11 07:42:34

Thank you for your service Prince Philip. Hope you are doing well on the other side of the world

Sakib Imran Ali
2021-04-11 07:38:55

Royal family has lost a strong member of the firm. He was a strong man and the Royal family and a great member of the military. ME, along side the military members of my family and the rest of my family offer our condolence's to all members of the British royal family.

Amanda Reilly
2021-04-11 07:38:53

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Though we never met I have had an admiration and respect for him all these many years. He will be sorely missed.

James Ives
2021-04-11 07:32:09

What an amazing person and life. Our condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and family. He was a true inspiration and will be sadly missed.
Kim and Brad Owen-Turner

Kim and Brad Owen-Turner
2021-04-11 07:22:41

Condolences to Her Majesty and all of the family and friends. Even at 99 years old, it's never easy to lose someone.

2021-04-11 07:16:06

To our Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll and Family, our deepest condolences to the loss of Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh

Jo Ann and Derick
2021-04-11 07:08:36

My deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family on the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke served his country, the Commonwealth, indeed the world but above all Her Majesty with distinction and dedication for most of his long life first in the face of the enemy and then at Her Majesty's side. Sir, thank you for your service. Godspeed.

Vice Admiral Ron Buck, RCN (Rtd)
2021-04-11 07:05:48

Our deepest condolences to Her Royal Majesty, the Queen and her whole family on the passing of Prince Philip. Please let the wonderful memories you have be your rock during this time and know the world is praying with you. He will be missed.

Susan Wheatcroft Crevier
2021-04-11 06:53:27

Thoughts and prayers to Her Royal Majesty and family. Prince Phillip lived and extra ordinary life and will never be forgotten.

Michael Hovgaard
2021-04-11 06:33:06

May you Rest In Peace!

Mamoun Ahmed
2021-04-11 06:14:49

Condolences to the Royal Family during this time, you have suffered a great loss

Debbie Kaulbach
2021-04-11 06:08:20

My sincere condolences to you and your family of the loss of your dear husband HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He will be missed by many, many people, a true gentleman to his end. May he now Rest In Peace.

2021-04-11 05:57:20

So sorry for the loss. Désolé pour la perte.

2021-04-11 05:55:20

Sending my deepest sympathy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family on the loss of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. Over the decades we have observed his steadfast devotion to Her Majesty, the Royal Family, duty and service. May HM Queen Elizabeth and The Royal Family take comfort in their memories during this difficult time and in the years ahead. With kindest thoughts from Canada ... may he rest in peace.

Jane Douglas, Ontario
2021-04-11 05:51:59

The world is mourning your loss of this remarkable man. My husband and I send our warmest wishes and deepest sympathies to the Queen and family. God Bless.

2021-04-11 05:49:45

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and all of the Royal family on the loss of Prince Phillip. He was a much loved, dedicated and caring person who will long be remembered. Sending much love and hugs.

2021-04-11 05:46:58

My sincere condolences!

Mison Barua
2021-04-11 05:13:13

My deepest condolences to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family.

2021-04-11 05:05:31

Thinking of you and your family at this sad time.
With sympathy.

2021-04-11 05:01:02

May he Rest In Peace. Perhaps the last great example of how a real man should behave is gone. Wish I had an opportunity to meet him and her majesty.

Branden O’Brien
2021-04-11 04:54:40

You have always been in my life and I will miss your sharp wit, your compassion and your love for children through The Duke of Edinburgh Award program. I offer my condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and your entire family. You will be truly missed. Rest in Peace Sir.

2021-04-11 04:48:46

The Duke of Edinburgh was a great man,admired his bravery .May the Lord be with him.

Sekai Kapungu
2021-04-11 04:47:48

Sending condolences to Her Majesty and her family.

Jon Hull
2021-04-11 04:33:28

Sincerest condolences to the family of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on his passing. Internationally and publicly the deep commitment to service and family greatly respected and appreciated; in particular his commitment to youth around the globe through the establishment of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards/programme as it showed immense vision in young people and their potential.

Charles & Stella Strickland
2021-04-11 04:20:00

The epitome of a Gentleman and a husband who made the job of the Queen so much easier. He really cared about the World and the younger generation and some of the recent commentry from D of E Award winners speaks volumes. RIP Prince Philip - you will never be forgotten - you were a Great Man.

2021-04-11 04:13:09

The world has lost a great man.

2021-04-11 04:12:35

HRH Prince Phillip was an amazing Husband, Father and a member of the Royal Family. His duties and charitable contributions will never be gone !! May you Rest In Peace !!

Nabeel Madar
2021-04-11 03:57:58

My deepest sympathies to all the Royal Family on the loss of such a fine man. I was lucky enough to meet both him and Charles when I visited England. It was the highlight of my trip. He will be greatly missed.

Donna Doyle
2021-04-11 03:50:39

Our deepest condolence on the passing of His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh! May his legacy live on! Rest In Peace!

2021-04-11 03:39:26

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family for their loss. But most of all to my Queen for the personal loss of her husband of 73 years.

Norman Pitcher
2021-04-11 03:29:39

Sending my condolences to Her Majesty and the Royal family.

2021-04-11 03:26:01

My sincere sympathy to you our Queen Elizabeth and to your family on the death of your rock Philip.

Gordon Brandstadt
2021-04-11 03:25:18

Mes sincères condoléances. Notre reine, le Canada, le Commonwealth et le monde ont perdu un homme qui incarnait le service à l'humanité. Le prince Philip a été une véritable inspiration. // My sincere condolences. Our Queen, Canada, the Commonwealth and the world have lost a man who exemplified service to humankind. Prince Philip was a true inspiration.

2021-04-11 03:20:06

Your Greatness will never be overshadowed. You will be missed.

Sean Jeffrey
2021-04-11 03:10:23

My sincerest condolences. I am deeply sorry to hear about the passing of HRH Prince Philip.
Wishing you peace, comfort, courage and lots of love through this time of sorrow.

2021-04-11 03:07:26

My deepest condolences on the loss of Prince Philip. The whole world shares your grief. What a life, what a man. Sit terra sibi levis.

David Sanftenberg
2021-04-11 03:04:07

Your Excellency, HRH was someone to be admired. He was an amazing consort to HM the Queen of Canada, the UK, and other commonwealth realms. He was dedicated to his work as a philanthropist, husband, prince consort, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. As a loyal subject, I grieve the loss of HRH with the shedding of tears as he was someone who was a significant figure to Canada within my lifetime. I send my condolences to Her Majesty and other members of her family.

2021-04-11 03:00:05

My deepest condolences on the Duke's passing. I wish I could have met him in person. He seemed like a down to earth person who was always there for his queen and family. My heart felt sorrow goes especially to the queen without her partner of 73 years there for her.

2021-04-11 02:44:30

Sending condolences to all the Royal Family

2021-04-11 02:23:02

My condolence to Queen Elizabeth and her family. I've grown up watching the ups and downs of your family life the marriages and weddings and some gossip (Sorry!) I am amazed an inspired by your dedication to each other for over 70 years. Your marriage inspires many around the world and we can only hope for something like that! May God comfort you all in this difficult time

Anita shannon
2021-04-11 02:22:31

My deepest condolences to you, Your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, your family and all those who loved His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh. May he rest in peace and may you find some solace in your memories.

Virginia Murauskas
2021-04-11 02:18:09

Her royal highness Please receive my deepest condolences because the death of his royal highness The Duke of Edinburgh, he will be remembered as a humble and a great person who gave his best to his country.

Oscar Rosales
2021-04-11 02:09:10

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has been a great inspiration to millions of people across multiple generations around the world. The Duke’s lifelong devotion to public service and charity work is exemplary and admirable. May His Royal Highness Rest In Peace as our eyes fill with tears to commerce are the Duke’s life and legacy. May God protect the Royal Family and continue to grant years of glorious reign of Her Majesty the Queen.

2021-04-11 01:57:18

Thoughts and prayers.

2021-04-11 01:54:15

My family and I send our sincere condolences to the Queen and her family . Canadian heritage keeps me strong, and the Monarchy has been part of Canada before my birth.

2021-04-11 01:44:30

So sorry for your loss!! 99 what an amazing age to get to. The memories that were made will never be forgotten.

2021-04-11 01:42:27

I admired the Duke all my life he was the greatest man I have known
is a pity that i never met him, may he rest in peace, and God bless the Royal Family.

Frank W.Amaya
2021-04-11 01:40:16

Deepest condolences to you Queen Elizabeth II and your family on the passing of your husband Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh. May you find comfort in God, with your family and with your memories of your beloved husband.

Affrene Benjamin
2021-04-11 01:25:56

Sending my condolences to Her Majesty and the Royal family.

2021-04-11 01:22:22

Proud Prince Philip was our Colonel in Chief of the Seaforth Highlanders
Canada and that I was able to serve as his Aide on a visit to Vancouver.
As well as his distinguished military service I was also in great admiration of his environmental stewardship. Capt Robert Ferguson CD

Robert Ferguson
2021-04-11 01:10:34

Condolences to a family who has given so much to so many. A life to be honoured.

2021-04-11 01:09:43

So sorry for your loss

Gary bugden
2021-04-11 01:04:43

So sorry for your loss

2021-04-11 00:57:25

My most sincere condolences to Her Majesty and the family. I will miss his spirit, wit, and his sense of service.

Jim Bell
2021-04-11 00:55:53

My deepest condolences the majesty the queen ,Gob bless you and the royal family.

Giancarlo virgutto, vanessa Lopera.

Giancarlo virgutto
2021-04-11 00:53:23

My family gives our heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and her family . Rest peacefully HRH Prince Philip

Barbara Wills Bruno
2021-04-11 00:51:28

My heartfelt sympathy to the Royal Family in the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh and in particular to Queen Elizabeth on the loss of her husband. May God grant each of you His comfort and peace knowing His love surrounds you as well as the love of so many around the world. A big hug being sent your way.

Glenna Nychyporuk
2021-04-11 00:47:44

Your Majesty and the entire Royal Family, my sincere condolences. HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will be missed throughout the Commonwealth.

Krystal Moore
2021-04-11 00:47:13

Our deepest condolences your majesty. My father is in-critical condition for the last few days and we understand how important a father is. God bless.

Portillo, Mario
2021-04-11 00:44:20

Thank you for your service to the U.K. and commonwealth. I wish more young people understood your service

Frederick punter
2021-04-11 00:43:56

HRH the Queen, my sincere condolences on the loss of Prince Philip. May you find comfort in your memories and with your family. May he RIP.
Long live our Queen

Donna Stephenson
2021-04-11 00:22:22

Rest well your Royal Highness. All the commonwealth family thank you for your long service to The Crown and all of us. We will miss you.

Devron Graham
2021-04-11 00:18:35

God bless you and know you are in my prayers for the loss of HRH Prince Philip.

Irla Irwin
2021-04-11 00:17:22

On Behalf of Tamils in Canada and around the world , Rest in Peace

2021-04-11 00:15:34

Condolences to the Royal Family with the passing of Prince Philip. May he rest in peace.
Sending love and prayers.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Monika Gajda
2021-04-11 00:14:18

I am so sorry for your families loss. My prayers are with you.

2021-04-11 00:11:19

Thank you Sir for the amazing example you set, and your fantastic support to Her Majesty for over 7 decades.
Your contribution is immeasurable.
Your legacy will live on. Sending deepest sympathy to the Royal Family. So sad for our Queen, both of you dedicated your lives to serving.
A life well lived.
Rest in Peace.

Sam Haines
2021-04-10 23:54:42

A great man who dedicated his life to others. You will be truly missed.

Dimitri Jorgji
2021-04-10 23:54:08


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