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The only Queen I have ever known. Sadly missed.

Holly - Salmon Arm British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:54:40

Thank you for your service for your country and your caring for Canada. You set an example for everyone of many generations. May you rest in peace in heaven with our Father.

Dennis - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:54:33

Rest in peace

Delores Gabriel (Bedgood) - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-12 11:54:16

May you rest in peace

Tryna - Kelowna BC
2022-09-12 11:54:15

My heart is broken. My Queen has past away. Rest In Peace your majesty. May your memory be eternal. Thank you Ma’am for your service. My sympathies to the King and the Royal Family. God save the King.

Ekaterini Karatzias - Brantford Ontario
2022-09-12 11:54:12

Your Highness Our Gracious Queen. Thank You for Your kindness and caring of our Great country. Your dedication to Our World and the People. Your inspiring Smile for All with warmth. Your example of Family values. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth. U have been an inspiration to Me. My Deepest Sympathy to your Family.

Marlene - Kelowna BC
2022-09-12 11:54:11

May she Rest In Peace

Caitlin - Kitchener Ontario
2022-09-12 11:53:51

Thinking of the Royal family and keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. Such an amazing person and so loved by many people. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may have left us but will be remembered always.

Cheryl - Camrose, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:53:50

Mes plus sinceres condoleances, puisse sa memoire rester dans nos coeurs pour toujours.

Tania - Ottawa
2022-09-12 11:53:47

From the Princess who comforted the people during WWI to the elegant and dignified Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she transformed into the kind of leader needed as the times changed, decade after decade. It's with great sadness that we share in the sorrow of losing this true leader. Our most sincere sympathies to His Majesty, the royal family and the nation, as well as our commonwealth siblings who mourn along with us.

V.S. - Windsor, Ontario - currently staying in USA.
2022-09-12 11:53:45

My condolences to you and your family.
May the Lord give you all strength during this difficult time 

Geraldine - Ontario, Canada
2022-09-12 11:52:56

Sincere condolences and heartfelt thanks. Queen Elizabeth has been the epitome of grace, dedication, loyalty, humour, and incredible service. I am so personally grateful that I am old enough to have had her incredible influence in almost my whole life. Rest In Peace Your Majesty.

Shirley Walker - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-12 11:52:51

Chère Reine,reposez en paix.
Vous êtes un exemple de résilience,du devoir bien accompli et d'une mère, grand-mère et arrière grand-mère aimante.

Doris - St Jean sur Richelieu Québec
2022-09-12 11:52:46

Filled with sadness over your loss. As a descendant of Scotch, Northern Ireland and English grandparents you were always part of our lives growing up in Quebec. I remember singing "God save the Queen" in Elementary school. Rest in peace our dear Queen.

Mary Pollock - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:52:30

May she Rest In Peace. Thank you for your 70 years of service.

Phyliss - Cambridge
2022-09-12 11:52:21

Queen Elizabeth II
I hope your in a safe place

Dandre - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:52:20

RIP Beautiful Lady. I hope you are now with your husband and family in heaven above and at peace watching over us all. 

Jane - St. Albert, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:52:06


Shiv - Alberta
2022-09-12 11:51:56

Her presence was calming, comforting and steadfast. She will never be forgotten.

Pascale - British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:51:48

I was filled with sadness when I heard of your passing. I have fond memories of waiting in line to see you in Scotland and Alberta. I still have vivid memories of visiting Balmoral Castle as a teen. I can see why you loved the area. Thank you for all that you represented during your lifetime. You are role model for leaders in serving their people. Rest peacefully with Prince Phillip.

Alysia - Red Deer, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:51:41

Cette petite dame qui est devenue la plus Grande de tous(tes) m'a toujours intriguée par sa Grande présence et son désir de bien servir le peuple. Tant ses côtés rassurant, bienveillant et taquin nous manqueront à tous. À toute la Famille royale, mes sincères condoléances.

Nancy - Québec, QC
2022-09-12 11:51:28

My deepest sympathy

Jutta - Fort Saskatchewan Alberta
2022-09-12 11:51:21


2022-09-12 11:51:15

Yours cannot adequately express the meaning that Queen Elizabeth held in our lives! Therefore, I'd like to express my respect and gratitude to the extraordinary force of nature that she was! May she rest in Eternal Peace, alongside her beloved husband Prince Philip. Condolences to the Royal Family, we share in your deep sadness.

Maureen - Montreal
2022-09-12 11:50:51

Our grief will never cease , but in time we will learn to live with it.

Joseph - Vermilion Alberta
2022-09-12 11:50:44

Sending sincere condolences to the entire Royal family. Rest in peace Queen!

Annamarie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:50:37

An Australian living in Canada, enjoying the benefits of the brotherhood of Commonwealth countries that the Queen worked to hard to support. Thank you for your duty well served. We will all miss her sorely.

Aimee Walker - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:50:15

Thanks for all your years of service. I've always admired your presence. You'll be missed.

Marie G - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:50:08

In honour of the most exemplary, iconic leader of our time. The examples of service, humanitarianism, unity and humour which you demonstrated bridged many difficult relationships and set the example for us all to emulate. The world could certainly benefit from more QEII steadfast values and behaviours. Bless you and thank you!!!

Lillianne - Gloucester, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:50:02

A most loved and gracious Lady.
Queen of Canada.
Queen of Scots

Robert - Vancouver and Scotland
2022-09-12 11:49:47

My sincere condolences on the loss of the wonderful matriarch of your family. She was steadfast in her devotion to her role, one which she shaped beautifully. Most recently she seemed like a strong, caring, and witty grandmother to us all. May she rest in peace knowing she transcended all others who went before her.

Clare - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:49:41

Sincere condolences for the Royal Family on the loss of Her Majesty The Queen, she will not be forgotten, she was a beautiful human being.

Brenda - Saint John NB
2022-09-12 11:49:38

Thank you for your many years of service and dedication to the people of the Common Wealth. Rest in Peace.

Britt - Steveston, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:49:25

it is terrible that the queen has passed away. she is a very important person in our history that nobody should forget, she made so many good differences in our past. I wish for her family members to get over this and for it not to affect them.

Ryan - Toronto ontario.
2022-09-12 11:49:01

It is so sad to see that the queen has passed away. She had made a huge impact in everyone's lives, and was truly an inspirational women. I wish that everyone is taking this news okay.
With symphony
- Lexie

Lexie - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:48:49

You were the greatest monarch

Mary-Ann - Carman, Manitoba, Canada
2022-09-12 11:48:44

My deepest condolences to all the Royal family members specially King Charles III, Prince William and Harry

Dorjee - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:48:44

Thank you for your service, strength, dedication, Ma'am.

The world was a better place because of you.

Sleep well our Queen.

Lesley - Burlington, ON
2022-09-12 11:48:37

Nos plus sincères condoléances à sa Majesté et à la famille royale… Sa Majesté la Reine Elizabeth a été une inspiration de loyauté, de courage et de persévérance… Puisse-t-elle se reposer en paix auprès de son époux. 

Anne Lamontagne - Montréal
2022-09-12 11:48:32

A job more than well done . Rest In Peace you deserve it

Jean - Oshawa . Ontario
2022-09-12 11:48:25

My thoughts are with the Queen's family at this time. She was truly a one-of-a-kind monarch, and she will be missed by many.

Emily - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:48:18

I am very sad and sorry to hear That Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died. She was the head of state for 15 coutries (Including commonwealth.)
Thank you.

Jacob - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:48:18

Queen Elizabeth was a great queen and we were all lucky to have her as our queen

sabrina - Toronto,Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:55

Rest In our beloved Father our Queen. Thank you for your dedication and service.

Maria Cristina - Morris, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:47:41

Queen Elizabeth reigned with grace. That smile that brightened the room will be missed.

Gordon - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:39

I would like to give my deepest condolences to the royal family. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.

Jonah - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:37

Your majesty I just wanted to say thank you for your service, you brought so much joy, happiness and unity to this world. Now that you are in heaven watching over us we will continue with your legacy hope we make you proud.

Belkis - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:18

I am sorry for your loss, I wish you the best for the future.

Samantha - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:18

Condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen's memories will be cherished forever not only by the one who is very dear to her heart but the whole world who admires and love her. The Queen is a great example of a very strong woman, who not only domain the world of men but proved what a woman can do. She is a great example of faith, love, inspiration, and hope, that we can conquer anything and everything if we will just give our best and fight for what is right and always believe in God.

Marites - Winnipeg Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:47:04

I'm so so sorry. The queen was a great person and she sadly is gone now. Im sure king charles will be a great king but she truly was an amazing person! May she rest in peace.

Chloe - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:03

long live the queen, she will be missed and remembered

Anthony - Sudbury Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:03

Express my highest respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Rest in Peace.

PO YUEN - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:47:02

Mes condoléances à la famille Royale, la reine a montré l'exemple toute sa vie.

Eugène - Varennes, Québec
2022-09-12 11:46:56

The first thought that came to my mind when learning of the Queen’s passing was that of Jesus saying to her: “Well done My good and faithful servant”….. The Queen was an extraordinary woman who showed tremendous strength, love and devotion to her family, to her country, to her duties, and above all and most importantly, to her Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

Melanie - Fort Erie, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:56

I am very sorry for the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. She was a great Queen and knew how to lead her people and she was a loved and great Queen. I send my condolences to all the members of the royal family.

Mika - Toronto,ON
2022-09-12 11:46:46

I would like to give my deepest sympathy to all members of the Royal Family and all due respect to the King, Charles III, Long Live The King.

Reid - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:42

With sorrow we observe the passing of our great Queen and reflect on the profound impact she had on Canada and the world. May she rest in peace.

Megan - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:32

Her Majesty was such a wonderful woman, and an inspiration to the world. She was dedicated to her role as Monarch to the Commonwealth, to Her people, and to her family. Thoughtful and compassionate, wise, cheerful, She will be missed, and regarded as one of, if not the, most popular English Monarchs in history. RIP.

Douglas - Kanata, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:22

Rest In Peace your majesty.

Cole - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:13

I am very sorry for your loss. Queen Elizabeth 11 was an outstandin leader and will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

Milly - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:46:05

Thankyou for your strong, steady, graceful and deeply loving hand in service to all of us in your kingdom, realms and territories … indeed to all the world. I was one year old when you were crowned and have lived my entire life with you as my guiding light … as my Queen. You have been intertwined in my entire history. I will miss you … we will ALL miss you. Rest in Peace your Majesty.

JOAN - West Kelowna, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:45:57

Sincères condoléances à la famille de Sa Magesté, Élizabeth II.

Sabine - Ottawa/ Ontario
2022-09-12 11:45:49

Thank you for being the queen for 70 years! Canada is very lucky to have you as queen. On my great grandmothers 100th birthday she received a letter from the queen, she was very grateful. Thank you for your dedication and service. We will not forget the things that you did to make the world a better place.

James - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:45:48

Your devotion and loyalty was remarkable!
You will be missed.
Rest In Peace Your Majesty!

Krista - Welland
2022-09-12 11:45:47

We were saddened to hear of her Majesty's passing. She will be fondly remembered. Our sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Steve & France Bannister - Camp Morton, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:45:18

I express my condolences to the Queen's family and all those that she has affected.

Ava - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:45:15

You were my rock, my inspiration, my role model. I will miss you so much.
May God watch over you and take care of you.
Thank you for all you did.

Deborah June - British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:45:01

I am so upset about the death of the queen. She was an incredible lady who led many parts of the world with great power and inteligence and I send all of my condolences to the royal family and other loved ones to the queen.

Yael - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:44:56

It is with great sadness I learned of the passing of this great lady. She is an inspiration and icon to all. With love and deepest respect I offer my condolences to Queen Elizabeth's family. The World mourns her passing. The ending of a great era. There will never be another like her.

Barbara - Delson, Quebec
2022-09-12 11:44:56

God save the Queen

Valen - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-12 11:44:56

I took my citizenship oath to Elizabeth II. She was a lady of grace, dignity and quiet humour who will stand in history with Elizabeth I and Victoria.

Sarah - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:44:14

Que la paix soit soit avec la famille royale et que le tout puissant donne la sagesse à Charles

Marie-Hortense - Moncton
2022-09-12 11:44:09

Sending the Royal Family my condolences. I’m very grateful for all the Queen has done and will be always remembered. Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for the example of how we should be.

Corrie - Waterford, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:44:09

Was honored to see Queen Elizabeth when she came to New Brunswick in 1976. She was attending a formal event at UNB in Fredericton and was privileged to be able to witness her arrival. I remember it being a highlight for me. She was dressed in a formal gown with tiera, She was so elegant. I was also able to see her again when she returned to Canada in 1984, .She was an amazing lady and will be greatly missed by so many. She led the country with such dignity and grace.

Elaine - Fredericton, NB
2022-09-12 11:43:59

Thank you so much Your Majesty for your decades of inspiration, leadership and wisdom.
May you rest in peace.

Deborah - Schomberg, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:57

Condolences to the family of the Queen

Lily - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:46

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family for the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Her work and devotion to the British Empire and Common Wealth is something that will live on forever.

Margot - Niagara Falls, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:43

We thank you for your years of service and dedication to our country
Canada. May her Royal highness rest in peace.

Karen - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:41

My Condolences to the Royal family. Elizabeth was an amazing queen and now she is in a better place.

Max - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:29

I would like to thank the queen for her long commitment to serving the public.

Kishani - Toronto,Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:27

rest in peace queen elizibeth, you were the best queen I have ever had

Aubrey - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:26

It has taken me several days to be able to write this. The Queen's absence is felt so deeply and I grieve with the world. I feel sad for all of us but, most especially for her family. Thank you Ma'am for all that you gave of yourself.

Nancy - Milton, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:23

My condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth.

Ellis - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:20

I would like to send my condolences to the Queen's family, and I would also like to thank her for everything she has done for canada.

Faith - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:19

I am very sorry for your loss.

Rafi - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:17

Possiblement le plus bel exemple de longévité et de dévouement de l'Histoire, ce fut un privilège de vivre cette période.

Merci votre Majesté pour tout.

Pierre - Repentigny. Québec
2022-09-12 11:43:10

I am deeply sorry for your loss, Thank you for everything youve done in your lifetime. I am very proud of you for volountering during WWII, And always helping those in need.
PS-Your dogs are very cute.

Matthew - Toronto,Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:10

Sending condolences to the Queens family and thanks for everything Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has done for Canada.

Eva - Toronto, ON
2022-09-12 11:43:09

Dear Queen Elizabeth II, thank you for 70 years of service, thank you for our freedom, for bringing nations together, for your sense of humor and your love for animals, your love for your family, your lovely quotes that have inspired so many, your candor and your tenacity to serve the people, for the people, you will forever be our Queen, God Bless, our deepest condolences to your family & your extended family...

Kelly Scott - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:43:05

My condolences to the queen.

Mana - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:42:54

Bien que je ne suis pas monarchiste je vous pris d'acceptées mes plus sincère convalescence

Richard - Montreal
2022-09-12 11:42:37

The most respected and connected Queen of my generation. Will be missed by us all.

Dylan Cater - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:42:32

My deepest condolences to the entire royal family

Addi - Toronto, ON
2022-09-12 11:42:26

You will be missed!

Milena Clisby - Kamloops, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:42:04

I have so admired the Her Majesty. Can’t believe she is gone.

Heather - Smithers, BC
2022-09-12 11:42:00

RIP Queen Elizabeth. You have done an amazing job of serving your people over 70 years. You always brought calm, stability and steadfastness to the world. You will be missed.............condolences to your family.

Marilyn - Victoria, BC
2022-09-12 11:41:54

As a young child, I remember the day that King George VI died, and I also remember watching the Coronation of Elizabeth II on TV in 1953. A great and gracious lady. R.I.P.

Doug Blair - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:41:39

May you Rest in Peace Your Highness

Muraleekrishnan - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:41:25

The Queen led an admirable life. So committed to the country. May she rest in peace

Patricia - Moose Jaw, SK
2022-09-12 11:41:23

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Thank you to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , you are such an inspiration. You will be deeply missed.

Meaghan Goodyear - Victoria British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:41:22

Like my Mother (born April 26, 1926) I grew up loving the Queen and her family. She characterized what a kind, smart, gentle and strong woman can accomplish. She taught me to have passion for things I loved much like she had for her horses, dogs and her land. I believe she found simple pleasures in her extraordinary life and the love of her family. Will miss you Queen Elizabeth - the only Queen I have had! Heartfelt wishes to your family and the world. 

Dolores - Midland, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:41:16

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family at this sad time.

Ann and Larry B. - Cornwall, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:41:10

It is difficult to imagine this world without our beloved Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for your faithful and unending service throughout the over 70 years of your reign. Rest In Peace in the arms of the Lord. I will miss you being a part of our lives.

Karen - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:40:52

No one demonstrated civic duty and public service more than Queen Elizabeth II... I will remember that about her for the rest of my life.

Chris - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:40:52

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reigned with grace. Thank you for your kind service.
Rest In Peace. 

Alexandra - Barrie, Ontario, CANADA
2022-09-12 11:40:49

We wish to express our thoughts of condolence to the staff, friends, and family of Her Majesty, The Queen, in this time of sorrow.

James - Melville, Saskatchewan
2022-09-12 11:40:29

May she lay at peace! Her duty and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Elizabeth - Norfolk County, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:40:26

I really thought you would live forever :(

Andrew - Caesarea Ontario
2022-09-12 11:40:25

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth. May your legacy of peace, hope and goodwill carry on. You will be greatly missed.

Elizabeth - Maple Ridge, BC
2022-09-12 11:40:19

Your persistent grace, diplomacy and character was a guiding and stable light for as long as I've known. You will be missed, and I hope that the good of your legacy will be remembered always.

Mr Joshua A Preziuso - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-12 11:39:52

My deepest condolences goes out to you & Royal Family. You kept & regined our country for 7 decades that's an honor. I'm more than thankful & greatful just hearing about you. you be greatly missed by all Canadians! RIP OUR MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH 

Laurie - Medicine Hat, AB
2022-09-12 11:39:51

Warmest condolences to the family. Your name has always been an honor, Thank You.

Annemarie Elizabeth - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-12 11:39:48

I like to send my Deepest Condolences To The Royal Family, For Their Loss Of Their Mother, Grandmother n Great Grandmother. Rest In Peace My Queen. You Will Be Sadly Missed, By Myself n My Family. God Bless Our Lovely Queen Elizabeth ii.

Kathleen Crosswell - North York, Ontario Canada
2022-09-12 11:39:45

We say goodbye with sadness, having watched this lovely woman our entire lives, always looking elegant and on top of things. What a change this will be for all of us. Sending love and comfort to the family.

Connie - Victoria, BC
2022-09-12 11:39:45

Always been a part of my life. She has been very much loved & respected for her dignity, class, wisdom, humour & especially her wonderful smile. I will miss her! 

Jay - Rimbey Alberta Canada
2022-09-12 11:39:27

RIP and thanks for a life time of duties. Thoughts and prayers to the family. You will be greatly miss.

Luc - Drummondville, Québec
2022-09-12 11:38:55

God bless you for all your years of service.

Muriel Griffinn - Victoria,BC
2022-09-12 11:38:24

I left England 10 years ago to come live here in canada and my heart is very much still in England.
You were a rare and wonderful Human! UK was so blessed to have some time time with you as our Queen. You will be missed and your Reign would be hard to match as you did so awesome! You will be missed! Even though I live in Canada now, the news of your death lays heavy on my heart. May you rest in peace now!

Natasha G - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:38:22

My sincere condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the Commonwealth. The Queen was the epitome of grace, diplomacy, duty and honour - an excellent role model for future monarchs to follow.

Michele - Oliver, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:38:20

The Queen lead with great composure and dignity; she will be sorely missed. Condolences to the Royal family and to all impacted by her passing.

Sheila - Hagersville, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:38:09

Gone but will never be forgotten. Heaven gained an angel. Rest in peace. 

Sandra - Saint John New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:38:02

Royal Family,
My thoughts and prayers as you navigate through such a public moment and time of sorrow. The Queen has always been a revered, well respected and adorned woman. She was beautiful, graceful and elegant in every aspect. Her presence will be greatly missed around the world. God speed to the Queen and best wishes to the King. Deepest condolences and sympathy from my family.

Lisa J - St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador
2022-09-12 11:37:56

Thabk you for being a amazing queen.

Josephine - Nanaimo BC
2022-09-12 11:37:40

To her majesty, The queen. Our deepest condolences to your family and if only one could experience a fraction of what you experienced, one would have lived a full life. Rest in Gods memory for there in lies the hope.

Carlos - Lethbridge, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:37:36

We are thankful that she was such a strong force protecting the complexities of our modern life

Peter - Calgary
2022-09-12 11:37:20

Thank you for your grace, devotion to duty and service. May you rest in peace.

Dorothy - Vernon, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:37:13

Her loss is felt deeply and she will always be remembered for her steadfast commitment to service. Queen Elizabeth was a role model to many in showing us the definition of grace and strength in even the most difficult times. Peace in knowing she is now reunited with her Prince and family members that left before her.

Theressa - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
2022-09-12 11:37:01

My sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was a great lady and will be missed by all.

Luisa - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-12 11:36:55


2022-09-12 11:36:55

Thank you for your enduring service to your people. Your memory will be honored and cherished for many generations to come. May you rest in eternal peace, Your Majesty.

Ty - Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
2022-09-12 11:36:30

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II.

Lynn - Saint John NB
2022-09-12 11:36:08

My condolences on the passing of Her Majesty the Queen.

Joshua - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:36:06

Queen Elizabeth II,
Thank you for your many years of Service to our great nation (Canada). My condolences to your family. You will be missed by many.

Maureen - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:36:05

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, You and your family have been a staple in our family since I was a very young child. Every Christmas I would receive a book on a member of the royal family. You will live on in my heart and within your legacy you leave behind. What an example you lived by and passed down.
I absolutely love what you have said, Don't complain, Don't explain.
You have kept your promise and fulfilled your duties. God Bless you Queen Elizabeth
Much love

Dawn - Woodman Point, New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:35:54

Je tiens à souhaiter mes Condoléances à la famille Royale
Aux membres du Gouvernement et, à chaque Citoyen du pays
Recevez , Mes condoléances les plus Sincères !!!!

Elta - Montreal EST Point aux Trembles
2022-09-12 11:35:42

Rest in peace,, Your MAJESTY .
With sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Nayive - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:35:41

Rest in peace

Parag vaishnav - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:35:19

Words can not express my sympathies to the entire royal family on the passing of the Queen. May all your memories bring you comfort during this time of mourning and in the years that follow. May God bless you.

Michelle - Regina, Saskatchewan
2022-09-12 11:35:07

So very sad that the wonderful woman who has been my Queen since I was 8 years old has died. She was a fine example to me and my family through the various stages of my life and I sincerely wish that her family will continue to be my monarch for the remainder of it. Farewell my Queen and God Save the King!

Ian - B.C.
2022-09-12 11:34:24

My deepest sympathies.

David J. Shuman - Côte-St-Luc, Québec
2022-09-12 11:34:18

My condolences to all of us touched by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. After a life of service to all of us may She Rest In Peace

Tracy - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:34:08

Mes sincères condoléances en ces moments difficiles. La Reine Élizabeth II était une source d'inspiration pour toutes les femmes de ce monde ainsi qu'un modèle de dévouement!

Renee - Chelsea, Québec
2022-09-12 11:33:40

I wish to express my condolences to the royal family regarding the death of their wonderful mother

Madeleine - Arnprior, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:33:37

Queen Elizabeth II was the only Sovereign I have ever known. It will for sure be strange and odd not to see her face on everything. A face that literally envisaged grace and poise and dignity and a love for the Lord. She will be missed by so many the world over, myself included. What a strange world it will be without her in it. My heart and my prayers are with all those mourning and all those that loved her.

Angelika (Angie) - Prince George, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:33:23

We have lost our Queen but you have suffered the personal loss of a mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. May the memory of her great strength sustain you through this difficult time.

William - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:33:14

My deepest condolences to the Royal family R.I.P. Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Margot - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:33:07

My deepest condolences to the royal family on the passing the Queen.

Jeanine - Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
2022-09-12 11:32:58

Toutes mes condoléances! Une icone s'éteint.

Jenny - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
2022-09-12 11:32:55

You were a wonderful Queen and an inspiration. You will be missed

Rebecca Jayne - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:32:54

I have only known one person as head of the state I when to both princess Elizabeth public school here in London Ont and prince Charles public school. I feel happy to have gone to them. R.I.P Queen Elizabeth
Long live the king

melissa - London Ont
2022-09-12 11:32:47

The dedication and service that Queen Elizabeth II had to her country and others is truly inspiring. An amazing and incredible woman, mother, grandmother and unparalleled leader to so many. She will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Rest in peace, Your Majesty. Thank you for a lifetime of selfless service.

Sharie - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:32:29

I am currently serving Her Majesty the Queen in the Federal Government. I wish to extend my deepest and sincere condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of our leader. Please know that all Canadians are grieving this loss with you. Her Majesty was an incomparable leader and she will be truly missed. Thank you for all your years of service your Majesty.

Krista - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:32:04

She will be missed and always brought light into the family even on dark days. Her legacy will live on despite any new monarch being on the throne.

Trae - Brandon MB
2022-09-12 11:32:03

Condolences to the family, children, grand children and great grand children. May your memories of the long lived life of the Queen bring you comfort.

Ruth - Grande Prairie, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:32:00

You started your reign the year I was born. You have led the commonwealth with dignity and strength and have earned the respect of the world. God bless you and may you rest in peace.

Aleatha - Ottawa
2022-09-12 11:31:58

Condolences to all the Royal Family.
May she Rest in Peace.

Kathy - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:31:57

Thank you for dedicating your life for service. May you rest in peace

Annie Maharaj - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:31:53

Deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth who was a devoted and wonderful monarch.

Judith - North Lancaster, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:31:42

I greatly enjoyed your visit to Penticton, BC in 1971. I was honoured to sit at head table with you for dinner. Thank you for your years of service and your kind nature.

Rendina - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-12 11:31:10

I am signing on behalf of my Grandmother who was captivated by the Queen her whole life.
RIP Queen Elizabeth II and RIP to my Grandmother Madeline Heard.

Elizabeth - Bowmanville, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:31:09

You were a very remarkable woman that exhibited maturity, forthrightness, diligence and duty to humanity. Most importantly, you honoured God and Christ's Church. I pray many women and leaders of nations can emulate you, Queen Elizabeth. Rest in Peace in Jesus name. Amen!

Folusho - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:30:50

I will remember Queen Elizabeth fondly. Her elegance and grace will be what I remember most. Sending all my love to the Royal Family. Rest in peace QEII.

Candice Bowman - Hantsport, Nova Scotia
2022-09-12 11:30:42

Your legacy and commitment to fulfill your duty as the Queen will continue to inspire everyone. Thank you for being the example for many and living out your faith. May God bless your family with peace and harmony. May you rest in peace.

Kristy - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:30:30

Deepest sympathies to Her Majesty's family and loved ones as well as the people of England and the Commonwealth during this time of loss. Her Majesty's legacy will live on as we always remember her impact during her 70 years as Queen. An amazing period of stability and strength that leaves a void in all our lives as we look to what the future holds.

Sarah - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:30:11

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Rhodora F. - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:30:05

My deepest condolences to the royal family.

Pina - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:30:01

Deepest condolences to the Royal Family and everyone throughout the Commonwealth that has been impacted by this monumental loss. The Queen was a role model of what true service to others looks like. Yes, she was not given a choice in her role, but she stepped into it with grace and integrity and carried those attributes through her 70 years as our reigning Monarch. May she find peace and be at rest with the love of her life. She will be deeply missed but her legacy will live on.

Kari - Vernon, bC
2022-09-12 11:29:47

I wish the Queen, her Majesty, to be with her husband, forever lasting peace. To me, she was iconic, a symbol of devotion to public service and a 70 year commitment she has proven. I observe her passing from afar with complete adoration and am grateful to witness this historic history. Thank you Queen Elizabeth II!

Janice - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-12 11:29:37

My deepest condolences to the royal family. Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for your service to all of us. You're truly an amazing Lady that i've known you all my life. You'll be truly missed. May God bless her souls and her family.

Maggie - Markham, ON
2022-09-12 11:29:25

The world has lost a great leader and person in Queen Elizabeth II. May your faith, love and devotion to family, duty but foremost God remain an example to us all.

Chistine - Sackville. New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:29:16

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pour through and shine down upon us to let us know they are happy.” ~ Inuit proverb

Suzanna - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:29:15

My deepest condolences to the entire Royal family.

Jalees - St. Catharines, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:28:52

I will greatly miss Queen Elizabeth. In the midst of unpredictable times and sometimes turbulent change, she was a steady and respected presence.

Sherry - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-12 11:28:50

Please accept my deepest condolences on the death of our Queen.

Louise - Bedford NS
2022-09-12 11:28:42

Memories of a beautiful, gracious lady who devoted her life to her country and commonwealth, will be with us forever.

Linda - Midland, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:28:14

Thank you , RIP. Sandra and Thomas Greenough

Sandra and Thomas Greenough - Kelowna B.C. Canada
2022-09-12 11:28:04

My deepest condolences to the royal family.

2022-09-12 11:27:38

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen was an inspiration to many around the world. Her smile was contagious. She led by example, with grace and elegance. She truly modeled her faith in Christ and I'm sure she already heard these words: Well done, good and faithful servant. RIP

Maritza - Toronto
2022-09-12 11:27:38

We send our condolences to the honorable royal family, especially King Charles III, on the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We have great respect for her wisdom and integrity in ruling the British people and the Commonwealth countries..., especially Canada...God have mercy on the Queen and we pray to God to grant the royal family patience for the separation of Her Majesty...

Mhd Mazen Alnabulsi - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:27:32

Dear Queen Elizabeth, thank you for your lifetime of service, care and loyalty to your family and to the people you served. Your life has been a true inspiration and comfort to many. I admire your strength and grace and how much you enjoyed the countryside. Your physical presence on earth will be deeply missed but your spirit and values will truly live on for all of time. May you Rest In Peace as you move along this journey.

Natalie - United States
2022-09-12 11:27:19

I would like to offer my condolences and prayers to all the members of the royal family, all the Queen's loved ones. She is an epitome of service, steadfast loyalty, strength and grace to us all. Eternal rest grant unto her Oh Lord, Let Perpetual Light Shine upon her and May she Rest in Peace!

Maria Agnes T.C. - Mitchell, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:26:48

I wanted to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family upon the passing of Her Majesty. She touched so many lives and served as an inspiration to millions worldwide. She will be sorely missed.

Dawn - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:26:29

My deep condolences to the Royal Family for their loss. She was the best example of leadership and commitment to the world.

Andrea Rojas - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:26:10

On behalf of myself and my family may we offer our deepest condolences to King Charles III and all Windsor Family members on the passing of our beloved Queen. May she rest in peace.

Roberto Sforza Sgt. CD2 - Laval, Quebec
2022-09-12 11:25:51

Thank you, your Majesty for your lifetime of service.
Your grace and steadfastness will never be forgotten.
God's speed.

RIP Elizabeth Regina II

Leanne Nesbitt - Courtice, ONTARIO
2022-09-12 11:25:33

Thank you very much for your service.
You will be missed but not forgotten!

Wendy - Thornhill, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:25:31

It was such a sad day when I learned of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. What a special lady she was. She is finally reunited with the love of her life her husband. Rest in peace.

Gail - Niagara Falls, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:25:05

My deepest condolences to all the Royal Family.

PAIGE - Burford, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:24:14

My condolences to the royal family

Monica - Montréal
2022-09-12 11:23:30

God bless you my Queen, now you are with your beloved Philip smiling down on all of us.

Patricia Lombardo - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:23:08

My parents, both born in Great Britain around 1920, moved to Canada in 1963. Their stories of Britain and the Queen were filled with love and admiration, now they both have their Queen back again. Her Majesty will always be remember by my family. I will not shed tears, instead remember her with a smile, and thank you from my heart!

Mark - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:23:01

Your majesty,

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

It has been a pleasure watching you shine your light upon others during your reign. Whether it was your subjects, family or a stranger you helped to bring out the best in people. Thank you!
You will always be remembered by those that loved you.

Darren - Leduc, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:22:45

you were an epitome of true royality .You were the only constant in this inconstant world. We will miss you and your humour.


Ishanjit - Vancouver BC
2022-09-12 11:22:43

My deepest condolences on the lose of our Queen I still remember seeing her drive by in visit to Miramichi NB in the 70s and I was lucky enough to visit London and Buckingham Palace in 2012 she will be dearly missed

Terry Mceachern - Tabusintac Newbrunswick
2022-09-12 11:22:42

The untold truth of HM Queen Elizabeth II was a true inspiration, a unique queen, working for the good of all her subjects and a living example of Peace/Light to the world for 70 years. HM lived a life with dignity, grace and respect. We love HM so dearly and will always be grateful to her, her sweet and charming memories will remain in our hearts and lives forever. HM will be deeply missed, but not forgotten. My condolences to the Royal Family.

Benedicta Colaco - Scarborough, ON M1G 1T4
2022-09-12 11:22:39

Hommage à cette grande Dame que j’ai aimé admirer et cherie

Traoré Aïda Youma - Trois rivières au Québec
2022-09-12 11:22:24

In 1952, when I was 4 years old, I travelled to Ajax Ontario to watch Queen Elizabeth's coronation on my grandparent's new TV. It was an event that I will remember forever.

William - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:22:04

To the heirs of the Queen and the Royal Family, our prayers and thoughts are with you, in your moment of need.
May God give you the patience and courage, as you deal with the lost of your beloved Queen.

2022-09-12 11:21:47

Sending Deepest Condolences on the Immense Loss of your Beloved Mother and Grandmother, Our Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is much loved and respected throughout the entire world and will be remembered forever. I love to see the many photos of the Queen and the videos. The Queen was a charming woman with a great smile and an even better sense of humour! Cheers to a life well lived, Thank You for your service Queen Elizabeth!

Arlene Saito - Brandon Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:21:40

To: Queen Elizabeth II Family and relatives.

Sincere and Deepest Condolences to you all.
May your loved one Rest in eternal Peace.
May God bless you and keep you all strong for each other at this sad time.
This is a sad time in history and we all mourn with you.

Pauline - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:21:30

I pass along my deepest condolences to King Charles III and to the rest of the Royal Family on the passing of their Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II and their Mother, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother.

frederick Pittman - 99 Back Track Road, Tilton, NL
2022-09-12 11:21:25

Mes sympathie

Michelle - Asbestos, Quebec
2022-09-12 11:21:21

Rest in peace for Iranian people will never forget your friendship with their country and their king, HIM Pahlavi. I hope one day they will be free once again to officially pay tribute to yourself and the royal family.

M - Toronto
2022-09-12 11:21:07

The passing of "Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II" is felt all over the world and Canada. My condolences to all of her family in this time of mourning. May she rest in peace now..she will be missed..


Wayne Bennink

Wayne Bennink, CD - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-12 11:20:32

A very sad time for the world. A women who exemplified service. As a female business owner Queen Elizabeth II was someone to admire. The task of running "The Firm" is a difficult one and she always showed grace, dignity, calm and integrity.
Be at rest and the world thanks you.

Michelle Kenney - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:20:22

My deepest condolences to the Queens Family, always a class on her own, she will be deeply missed but never forgotten RIP Reina!

Kevin - Kitchener Ontario
2022-09-12 11:20:19

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale. La Reine Élizabeth II a été un modèle et une femme d'une grande force et dune grande bonté, elle a toujours su rester digne de sa position dans la monarchie. Une grande dame qui aura laissé sa marque dans le monde. Qu'on soit en faveur ou non de la monarchie, cette femme était extraordinaire.

Annik - Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-lac
2022-09-12 11:19:52

Almost a century and I feel like I never really got to know you.

Alex - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-12 11:19:44

Thank you for your service.

HARRISON - London. Ontario
2022-09-12 11:19:42

My Sincere condolences to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II will be missed, but never forgotten. Her majesty QE II has always been an excellent example for all that wished the best for everyone.
My daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom in 2019, We were very fortunate to visit during the reign of QE II, a great honour.
Thank you for the excellent and relentless service for the common good for all.

Gilles - Ottawa
2022-09-12 11:19:33

God bless you

Rafael - Mississauga
2022-09-12 11:19:24

My deepest condolences on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. I will miss her forever.

Elizabeth Gina Agosta - Markham, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-12 11:19:23

My condolences to the family of our beautiful queen

Sarah - Orangeville, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:19:17

Your exceptional life of service will always be remembered; condolences to family, friends and all who inhabit the Commonwealth.

Amanda Slade - Hillside Boularderie, Nova Scotia
2022-09-12 11:19:08

I am very saddened by the loss of her Majesty the Queen. She has been an integral part of our lives through out her rein and she will be sorely missed :(

Shehan Dissanayake - Toronto, ON
2022-09-12 11:18:50

A woman of grace, strength, humility and so much more. She showed us what dignity and respect really means. She represented all women in how to be a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I feel blessed to have had her as someone to look up to while I became the woman I am today. I will miss her!!! RIP Your Majesty and Thank You!

Deborah - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:18:37

Reposez en paix, Votre Majestée

2022-09-12 11:18:34

Many thanks for your many years of dedicated, capable and committed service to the Commonwealth. Thinking of the Royal Family at this difficult time and wishing them comfort and support in their time of grief.

Emily - Whitehorse, Yukon
2022-09-12 11:18:28

My most sincere condolences to the Royal Family at this difficult time. The Queen has always been a beacon of inspiration to us all in our changing world. May she Rest in Peace.

Joyce - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:18:08

My heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family. As the sovereign leader of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth ll personified grace, love and integrity with her deep commitment to her role in this world. She will be missed.

Shauna - British Columbia
2022-09-12 11:18:05

The United Kingdom has lost an exceptional monarch who has deeply marked history. For 70 years Queen Elizabeth II, served her people,her family, and humanity With compassion.

May her soul rest in peace.

Solidarité feminine pour la paix et le developpement integral and Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises - Kinshasa
2022-09-12 11:18:04

So very sorry for the passing of our beloved Queen.She was such a great role model for us all.RIP Queen Elizabeth.

Carolyne - Brighton/Ontario
2022-09-12 11:17:54

After a life time of service, you have earned your rest.
From a truly grateful and loyal subject, Thank You.

Patrick C. Lace - Victoria, BC Canada
2022-09-12 11:17:33

It is with great sorrow that we learned the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace.

Karim - Morocco
2022-09-12 11:16:56

Thank-you for your many years of steadfast service. You have been an amazing example to generations of Canadians.

Jennifer Horndl - Kitchener, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:16:52

Canada is diminished with the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Her grace and strength as Canada's Queen will live on forever in our hearts.

Carol - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:16:49

My sincere condolences to all of the Queen’s family during this public yet private time of mourning and remembering.

Ashley Curry - Hortonville, Nova Scotia
2022-09-12 11:16:45

The Queen was a lifelong role-model for the type of person that I want to be. Her loss is immeasurable and we were so fortunate to have her for as long as we did. Condolences to her family and friends. She'll be terribly missed.

Hayley - Ottawa
2022-09-12 11:16:43

My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family at this very sad time. Queen Elizabeth II was an extraordinary individual and a marvelous constancy in a chaotic world. She will be sadly missed.

Roslyn - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:16:39

Our family sends our deepest condolences to the Royal family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for the dedicated years of service.

Karmen McLaren - Calgary, Alberta Canada
2022-09-12 11:16:17

A life well lived. A. Queen not only by name,but a true Queen,noble,civility and sense of duty.There will be no other like her.To her family our deepest condolences.

Maria - Parry Sound,Ontario
2022-09-12 11:16:11

My deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth. Your long reign of service has come to an end - you have left your mark on the world and you will be so missed. RIP beside your beloved Phillip.
Long live the King!

Beverley - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-12 11:16:09

The Queen's loss will be felt around the world for a long time. She was an amazing, smart, and generous woman and an inspiration to millions. My condolences to her family.

Josie - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:16:01

My deepest condolences and sympathy to King Charles III and the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her 70 years of faithful service to her people around the globe will never be forgotten.
May Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace, having faithfully fulfilled her vow made when she was 21 to serve her people all the days of her life. And may God save King Charles III. Long live the King!

Neil - Flitwick, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
2022-09-12 11:15:57

Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow. A thought of comfort and condolences to the grieving family.

Tracy - Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-12 11:15:53

Sincere condolences to the Royal family.

Susan - Orangeville, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:15:41

Her Majesty will be missed here in Canada. She was the one and only Queen in my lifetime and She served us well and to the end. She will now be taken care of in Heaven, where She can now get some much needed rest. God Save our Queen.

Diane - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-12 11:15:35

Repose en paix votre Majesté, on ne vous oubliera jamais. Une page de l'humanité c'est tournée le 8 septembre 2022.

2022-09-12 11:15:08

My condolences to the Royal Family. Thank you for your service, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Rashmeet - Surrey, BC
2022-09-12 11:15:07

Dear, Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. Thank you for all your years of service to Canada. God bless and may you Rest In Peace

Chantal - Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2022-09-12 11:15:04

Miss you very much. My Queen.

Wai Ping - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:14:56

To the Royal Family,
It was with great sadness to hear of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll passing.
On behalf of my family please accept my condolences.

Ionut Liviu - Ontario
2022-09-12 11:14:46

Thank you for your life long unwavering dedication as our Queen. You will be missed. United in prayers.

Myriam - Carleton Place, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:14:44

This is the end of an era. Queen Elizabeth II shall live on as a reminder of the importance of our Democratic Monarchy, its' and our influence on the world, and that she was the embodiment of our culture.

May Her Majesty rest in peace.

Carl - Bracebridge, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:14:35

Rip .. so sad

Gagandeep kaur - Brampton
2022-09-12 11:14:31

My deepest condolences and prayers are sent to you.

Jessica - Red deer, Alberta
2022-09-12 11:14:21

Rest in peace, you would have liked the next stray kids album

Arwa - Ontario, toronto
2022-09-12 11:14:18

As the daughter of an English war bride, I was very aware of the role of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the impact of her leadership on my mother. The Queen was an inspiring leader of the Commonwealth, and "Queen of the People" and is mourned by so many, including myself. Rest in Peace after a life well served.

Irene - St. Stephen New Brunswick
2022-09-12 11:13:55

We will miss this wonderful Lady.

Melissa - West Lorne, Ontario
2022-09-12 11:13:52

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a widely admired and beloved queen. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family, the government, and the people of the UK. My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and all the British people on passing of Her Majesty The Queen.

Osmey - Quebec
2022-09-12 11:13:42


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