Video – No. 2 Construction Battalion


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Transcript of No. 2 Construction Battalion

Video length: 0:34 minutes

[The Canadian Heritage logo appears.]

[A collage of archival photographs of famous African-Canadians: Anne Greenup, Mifflin Gibbs, Elijah McCoy, John Ware,Esther Wellons introduces the video.]

Announcer: “Since the early beginnings of Canadian history, people of African descent have made significant contributions to the development of our great country.”

[A short clip from the film, “Honour Before Glory” features young black men in military uniform assembling in a two-row unit.]

Announcer: “The Number Two Construction Battalion, an all-black military unit, served Canada proudly during the first World War.”

Announcer: “Celebrate our proud heritage. Celebrate, Black History Month.”

[Close-up and panning shots of black soldiers, their heads held high with pride.]

[The website address appears on screen.]

[The Canada wordmark appears, which has a waving Canadian flag above the last “a” in the word “Canada”.]

[Video fades to black.]

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