Video – Elijah “The Real” McCoy


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Transcript of Elijah “The Real” McCoy

Video length: 0:35 minutes

[The Canadian Heritage logo appears.]

[A collage of archival photographs of famous African-Canadians: Anne Greenup, Mifflin Gibbs, John Ware, Esther Wellons, Elijah McCoy introduces the video.]

Announcer: “Since the early beginnings of Canadian history, people of African descent have made significant contributions to the development of our great country.”

[Still archival photograph of Elijah McCoy fills the screen.]

Announcer: “Elijah McCoy was one of the most prolific black inventors of the 19th Century with more than 57 inventions to his credit and from whom we get the expression, “The Real McCoy.”

Announcer: “Celebrate our proud heritage. Celebrate, Black History Month.”

[Photograph of McCoy fades into a photograph of one of his revolutionary inventions and dissolves into a different portrait of Elijah McCoy.]

[The website address appears on screen.]

[The Canada wordmark appears, which has a waving Canadian flag above the last “a” in the word “Canada”.]

[Video fades to black.]

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