Celebrate Canada days 2019

Photo collage featuring Canadians of different cultures who are celebrating, singing and playing music. On the left, there is a maple leaf on a grey background.

June 21

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Learn more about the cultural diversity of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and the unique accomplishments of Indigenous Peoples by participating in the many activities happening across the country.

June 24

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Celebrate the cultural pride and rich heritage of Canada’s Francophone community. Join the party and discover how lively the Francophone culture is and how it brings people together!

June 27

Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Take part in the celebrations for Canadian Multiculturalism Day and discover the wealth of cultures that bring our country to life.

July 1

Canada Day

Gather in your community to celebrate Canada Day and show your pride in being Canadian.

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