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Transcript of Proud of our history

Video length: 1:04 minutes

[The Canadian Heritage logo appears.]

[A collage of archival photographs of famous African-Canadians: Anne Greenup, Mifflin Gibbs, Elijah McCoy and John Ware introduces the video. The words Black History Month appear.]

Announcer: “Since the early beginnings of Canadian history, people of African descent have made significant contributions to the development of our great country.”

[A short clip from the film, “Honour Before Glory” features young men in military uniforms assembling in a two-row unit, heads held high.]

Announcer: “The Number Two Construction Battalion served Canada proudly during the First World War.”

[A short clip from PSA on William Hall features the latter sitting on his porch, surrounded by young kids (likely his grand children and their friends) and telling his story, while a fading picture of the Victoria Cross Appears in the center-left of the screen.]

Announcer: “William Hall became the first Canadian sailor, the first Nova-Scotian and the first Black to receive the Victoria Cross.”

[Short clip from the film “The Story of Mary Ann Shadd” features Ms Mary-Ann Shadd sitting at her desk, writing and editing a text for a newspaper.]

Announcer: “Mary Ann Shadd Cary, was the first woman of African descent to edit a newspaper in North America.”

[Archival film of Oscar Peterson features the latter sitting at and playing his piano at a concert.]

Announcer: “African-Canadians have made their mark in music…”

[Film clip of Jarome Iginla features the hockey player and his teammates playing on ice and celebrating a score against their opponents.]

Announcer: “In sports…”

[A collage of film clips of a black doctor starting up an IV machine, a dentist checking a patient’s teeth and a teacher reading a book to and interacting with her smiling students during Black History Month.]

Announcer: “And continue to make contributions to many aspects of Canadian life.”

[Freeze frame on young African-Canadian student smiling into camera.]

[The website address appears on screen.]

[The Canada wordmark appears, which has a waving Canadian flag above the last “a” in the word “Canada”.]

[Video fades to black]

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