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Listen to Kathy Neil, the first Deputy Commissioner for Indigenous Corrections, in her own words about Indigenous corrections.

Transcript: Set the Path

Kathy Neil, Deputy Commissioner for Indigenous Corrections

Set the path

I'm the first Deputy Commissioner. What I like about this opportunity is that I am the first one and so I do get to set the path. I get the privilege of only focusing on Indigenous initiatives.

I'm Kathy Neil, I'm the Deputy Commissioner for Indigenous Corrections.

I bring 27 years of experience with CSC, (Correctional Service Canada), so lots of knowledge and experience with regards to processes, procedures, as well as my own lived experience as being an Indigenous person. I think having both of those pieces is important.

I do feel empowered by the Commissioner in order to influence change. Lots of opportunity for initiatives, working with the Indigenous organizations and communities. And I think it's important to bring them into the CSC world. So whether that be into the institution, or to building supports around offenders who are on a conditional release.

The Elders

The Elders are really, in my opinion, the cornerstone of Indigenous corrections. We really look to them for guidance and direction and support in terms of what we do in corrections and really the rehabilitation of the offenders and our clients.

There would be no, in my opinion, no effective Indigenous corrections without the elders. And I guess that's one of my main messages, is just to really raise the awareness with regards to the importance of the role that the Elders play. I think part of my responsibility is education and awareness and to give Indigenous corrections a louder voice and to give that portfolio a seat at the table.

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