Black history organizations and educational resources

There are many organizations and educational resources devoted to the promotion and awareness of Black Canadian history. Below you can find some of these provincial organizations and insightful resources.


British Columbia

New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Black History Society
    The New Brunswick Black History Society is dedicated to the research, analysis, documentation and preservation of New Brunswick's Black History. The NBBHS gathers information concerning New Brunswick's Black residents, past and present; promotes awareness of New Brunswick's Black history; encourages the Black community and the general public to work together; and works towards increasing the presence of Black History in New Brunswick's educational system.

Nova Scotia

  • The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
    The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia is a museum and library resource centre that focuses on the history and culture of Nova Scotians of African descent, striving to Educate and Inspire, and to Protect, Preserve and Promote Black culture in Nova Scotia.
  • Black Loyalist Heritage Society
    The objectives of the Society are to develop, preserve, promote, protect and exhibit the history and heritage of the Black Loyalists and their descendants; promote universal recognition of the ancestry of the Black Loyalist Society as a nascent Canadian heritage community, having been among the original settlers of Canada, and having had no prior citizenship in any other country; cultivate and contribute to the economic prosperity of the Black Loyalist community through participation in community development initiatives; and to actively participate in Canadian multiculturalism campaigns, projects and other efforts toward social cohesion.


  • Amherstburg Freedom Museum
    Previously known as 'the Black Museum', the Amherstburg Freedom Museum is a community-based, non-profit museum that tells the story of African-Canadians' journey and contributions, by preserving and presenting artifacts that educate and inspire.
  • Black History Ottawa
    Black History Ottawa is a registered Canadian charity with a mandate to advance education by increasing the public's knowledge and appreciation of, and by carrying out research in, the history, culture, traditions and achievements of Canadians of African descent.
  • Buxton National Historic Site & Museum
    Founded on the original site of the Elgin Settlement that served as a terminus on the Underground Railroad for Blacks fleeing oppression, Buxton National Historic Site & Museum's main purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historical artifacts related to the Elgin Settlement.
  • Ontario Black History Society
    The Ontario Black History Society is a non-profit registered Canadian charity dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black history and heritage.
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site
    Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site sits on part of the original property purchased in 1841 by abolitionist Josiah Henson and his supporters to establish a refuge for the many fugitives from slavery in the United States.  It consists of an interpretive centre, three historic buildings, two cemeteries and numerous artifacts that have been preserved as a legacy to these early pioneers.
  • Slavery to Freedom
    Explore an important chapter of Ontario's history through visits to the many Black heritage sites and museums across the province.


  • Black History Month – Montréal
    The Round Table on Black History Month is a non-profit organization that promotes activities highlighting both the history and the contemporary situation of Black communities in Quebec.


Educational resources

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