Activity Kit — Ages 13 and up

This kit offers interactive and educational activities for teenagers and adults. Have fun exploring and share your experience using the hashtag #CanadianFlag.

Find the words to complete the National Flag of Canada Day word search!

Locate the National Flag of Canada Day related words in the grid, then use the remaining letters to uncover a secret message!

Did you know each province and territory has their own flag?

Connect the name of each province and territory with their correct flag. Tally your total correct answers and compare with your friends!

Canadian symbols scavenger hunt

From the maple tree to the red-and-white flag, Canada is represented by many symbols. How well do you know your Canadian symbols? Test your knowledge with this interactive game that will have you hunting around your home and in your backyard.

How well do you really know the National Flag of Canada?

So you think you know your national flag? Want to learn more about the flag's history, the rules surrounding its use, and its design? Come test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

Solve clues to complete the National Flag of Canada Day crossword puzzle!

Answer questions on our national flag’s history, protocols and components to complete this crossword puzzle. All answers can be found on the Canadian Heritage website.

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