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Discover how immigration strengthens Canada

Immigration matters to our communities. Find out how immigrants make a difference in our economy and society. Learn about Canada’s immigration system and the benefits of welcoming newcomers.

Enriching communities: #ImmigrationMatters to Canada

Enriching communities: #ImmigrationMatters to Canada

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Transcript: “Enriching communities: #ImmigrationMatters to Canada”

Video length: 30 seconds

Emotional piano and strings music play throughout the video.

In a gymnasium, a woman throws a ball.

In an indoor ice rink, a man takes a picture of a curling game on his phone.

Outside a greenhouse, a man walks on grass.

Inside a greenhouse, two men talk and walk while looking at plant crops.

In a park, a mother, father, and two daughters are feeding ducks and pigeons.

In a park, two young girls run toward a play structure. One of them is seen exiting a covered slide.

A young girl throws a snowball while her parents laugh.

In a forest, a man looks up at the tree tops and the sky.

In a grocery store, two women are having a conversation while one of them pushes a cart.

In a laboratory, one woman shows a test tube to another woman.

In a factory, two men wearing protective equipment are seen in an animated discussion.

A man and children are seen smiling and dancing Bhangra, a type of traditional folk dance of Punjab.

A woman in a storage facility smiles in delight and laughs.

On a street outside a building, two women smile and exchange a hug.

Text displays over the image of four people having a meal together, toasting and smiling: “Immigrants enrich our communities.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature is shown over black background, followed by the Canada wordmark.


Immigrant stories throughout Canada

How do immigrants enrich our communities?

Discover inspiring stories about immigrants making a difference

Canada’s immigration system

How are immigrants selected, screened and set up for success?

Find out how our immigration system works

Canada’s immigration track

What does immigration do for our country?

Learn about the benefits of immigration

Benefits of immigration to Canadian sectors

How do immigrants contribute to fields such as sports, business and health care?

Learn about the contributions of immigrants

Welcoming newcomers

Want to make your neighbourhood a better place for everyone?

Find out how to give newcomers a warm Canadian welcome

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