About government

About government

How government works, its priorities, laws, finances, transparency, digital government and policies. Working for the public sector, connect and do business with government.

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How government works

Organizational structure, democracy, elections, intergovernmental and international relations

Government priorities

Mandate letters, departmental plans, Speech from the Throne

Treaties, laws and regulations

Acts, regulations, treaties with Indigenous peoples, international treaties, agreements

Working for the Government of Canada

Job opportunities, hiring programs, rates of pay, pay, benefits and pension plans for the federal public service, the military and the RCMP

Government-wide reporting on spending and operations

Government spending, access to information and privacy, audit and evaluation, departmental reports

Open Government

Find access to information summaries, pro-active disclosures by department, consultations, and open digital records.

Doing business with government

Selling to the federal government, buying from the government and selling to other governments

Policies, standards, directives and guidelines

Treasury Board policies and related instruments for organizations across the Government of Canada

Federal properties and buildings

Federal buildings, docks, dams and other properties

Government communications requirements

Web, advertising, publishing, public opinion research, social media, use of logos, copyright

Connect with government

Consulting Canadians, engagement with Indigenous peoples, contact government

Government in a digital age

Improving digital services, online security, information technology, artificial intelligence, workplace innovation, open data

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