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Youth today are online more than ever. While this opens new opportunities for learning and connecting with others, it also leaves them more vulnerable to risks. Learn how you should be talking to your students about online child sexual exploitation.

Tackling the problem

Cases of online child sexual exploitation have increased significantly with technological advances in recent years. Chances are, some of the students in your school have experienced unwanted sexual behavior online — whether from somebody they know or a stranger. There may also be students in your school who don't have an adult they can trust at home.

By raising awareness, teaching students what to look out for, and creating safe spaces to talk about this topic, we can work towards keeping all children safe online.

Resources for your students

It can be hard to know how to talk to your students about a topic like online child sexual exploitation. That's why we've created resources to help guide how you're speaking to students of different ages.

Please use these presentations, videos, fact sheets and posters in your school to raise awareness about this topic and how to help prevent it from happening.

Toolkit for youth aged 10-12

Presentation, video, fact sheets, booklet and posters

Toolkit for youth aged 13-14

Presentation, video, fact sheets, booklet and posters

Toolkit for youth aged 15-17

Presentation, video, fact sheets, booklet and posters

Know a child who needs help?

Your students might be worried about coming directly to you. Make them aware of resources they can access like and, or check out a complete list of resources.

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