Online Dangers: Capping

What is capping?

Capping is when someone, typically an adult, records or screenshots youth they target on various video streaming platforms or applications getting naked or engaging in sexual activities — often without the victim knowing they are recording the video chat. They may share this video with others, or use it to sextort their victim.

A capper might use the following tactics

What you can do

The most important thing is to be aware and to talk openly and regularly with your child:

Watch with your kids

An animated video for youth that introduces the topic of capping and gives high-level advice.


Have you heard of capping?

To many people, capping means lying,  but it can also mean when someone approaches you online, asks you to video chat and then tricks or threatens you into doing things like taking your clothes off in front of the camera. The person (ALT capper), usually an adult pretending to be someone else, will record or screenshot what you do — often without you knowing

Capping can happen quickly and it can put you in a harmful situation.

These people often share the pictures and videos they take with others online. Once they're shared, it can be hard to control what happens to them or get them removed.

All of this can be very upsetting and could cause a lot of harm.

When you spend time online, know that people are not always who they say they are.

Whatever happens, remember that you are not alone. Help is available – report to or visti Kids Help

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