Online Dangers: Sexual Images and Videos

In this context, "sexual images and videos", refer to unwanted pornography or other sexual videos and images (not user-generated content of underage youth). It can be of real people, cartoon or computer generated. Youth might see it in an online ad, accidentally come across it in their internet searches, or be shown it by one of their friends.

It is perfectly normal and healthy for youth to seek out these materials and explore sex and sexuality. The issue here is not that your child may be looking at nude images or pornography — that's something youth, especially teenagers, just might do. But pornography can give youth the wrong idea about things like healthy relationships, sexuality, consent and their bodies, so it's an important conversation to have with your kids.

What you can do

The most important thing is to be aware and to talk openly and regularly with your child:

Watch with your kids

An animated video for youth that introduces the topic of sexual images and videos and gives high-level advice.


When you spend time online, you may come across images or videos of people without clothes on or people having sex.

It's natural to be curious about sex, but being exposed to these images and videos can give you the wrong idea about things like healthy relationships, sexuality, consent, and your own body.

If you do see them, or if they are shared with you, don't pass them on to others — even your friends. They may not want to see them, and it could confuse or upset them.

And if they weren't shared with consent, you can also end up hurting the person shown in the images and videos. Non-consensual sharing of these images and videos can even be illegal.

Whatever happens, remember that you are not alone. Help is available @

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