Online Dangers: Grooming

Grooming is when someone builds trust with a child, and sometimes the adults around them, to gain access to and control the child by normalizing certain behaviours and expectations.

A groomer might use the following tactics

What you can do

The most important thing is to be aware and to talk openly and regularly with your child

Watch with your kids

An animated video for youth that introduces the topic of grooming and gives high-level advice.


If you spend time online, there are some things you need to be aware of — such as grooming.

That's when someone acts like your  friend, girlfriend or boyfriend to try and get you to do what they want — like talk about sex or send videos or pictures of yourself without clothes on. Whether you know the person in real life or not, that is not OK. Sometimes, grooming can take place over a long period of time, over multiple conversations. It can happen on social media, chats, games, live-streaming apps, or anywhere else you talk to people online. It can put you in a harmful situation.

This can be confusing because when you first meet someone online, it may seem like you can trust them. They might be super friendly and compliment you or give you things. Remember, some people might lie about their age or pretend to be someone else — all to get you to trust them.

But these people are not safe. Once they have your trust, they will try to trick, confuse or pressure you into doing what they want. They will try to gain control over you through things like embarrassment, threats or making you feel stuck.

If you're in this type of situation, know that it's not your fault and it's OK to speak up.

Whatever happens, remember that you are not alone. Help is available – report to or visit Kids Help

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