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May Queen Elizabeth II always be remembered for her lifetime of service.

Donna - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:56:32

Thank you, your Majesty for setting the highest standard of discipline, service to your country and love to people all over the world. You have been a wonderful leader of the free world. Rest in Peace.

Michael - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 20:56:13

Her Majesty always showed us how we could be better! Her life was a great example of a life of honour, duty, loyalty and service! I will always remain a loyal subject of our beloved Monarch, God Save Our Queen!

James - Shelby Township, Michigan
2022-09-18 20:56:02

My deepest sympathy goes to the Monarchy family, Her Majesty will be Missed by me and my family. Thank you for all the good you have brought to us!

Joshua Keough - Moncton, NB
2022-09-18 20:55:58

Paix à votre âme. A dieu nous appartenons et à lui retournons.

REDA - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-18 20:55:45

Thank you for your service.

Erin - Munster, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:55:11

May God grant His faithful servant eternal rest.

Laura Grace - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:54:06

Thank you, Queen Elizabeth, for you dedication and your life long service to the Commonwealth. You became a role model for the world. May God bless you as you are reunited with Prince Philip.

Johanna & David - Dundas, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:53:58

You will be missed, Rest in Peace your Majesty!

Cameron - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:53:49

Rest In Peace Your Majesty

Koshi - Ontario
2022-09-18 20:53:36

Rest in peace and thank you

Yvette - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:52:48

God speed your majesty.

Jacqueline - Sayward British Columbia Canada
2022-09-18 20:51:55

Generations were born, grewup and died with Elizabeth ll being the queen, now, after 70 long years an era comes to an end, her reign not only forever marked the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth, but the whole world (although they deny it), many of us thought that she would be eternal, since she was still seen with energy and strength, at this point, she leaves a void that will be difficult to fill again, Rest In Peace Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll of the United Kingdom and of the Commonwealth

Emiliano Reyna - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
2022-09-18 20:51:52

You were always there...for my 61 years...you have been there. Now you're gone. I and many of my friends have been caught off guard by our tears and emotions when watching what is taking place. You were Canada's 'grandma' Your children, grandchildren now must grieve in public like no one else has done before. Rest peacefully.

Ed - Vancouver, West End
2022-09-18 20:51:32

As a proud Canadian, I am in awe of the life & responsibilities our Queen lived & managed. Her dedication to the Commonwealth was monumental. I am hopeful this Commonwealth connection will endure.
My deepest condolences to her Royal family.

Maureen Crowley - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:51:17

Thank you so much your Majesty, the world will miss you. You are like the mother and grandmother for many of us.
My sincere condolences to the Royal family, may you find comfort and peace during this time of mourning.

Alicia - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:51:02

Our deepest condolences to all the Royal family and all citizens around the world mourning the loss of our Queen. Such an outstanding example of leadership, kindness, and fashion. RIP with your Prince.
Ruby & Randy Olson

Ruby - St Albert, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:50:48

You were an icon for many women around the world and your legacy and strength and all that you achieved as a woman over the past decades will carry on ! rest in peace.

Jennifer - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:49:53

My family emigrated to Canada in the mid-1950s, leaving a war-torn country for one with traditions and a democratic system inherited from Britain, exemplified by and including its constitutional monarchy. As a child of 6, I found solace, peace and safety in that, as if a warm blanket wrapped tightly around me. When I became a Canadian citizen, I was honoured to pledge allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Rest in peace, Your Majesty. Thank you for a job well done.

Monika - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:49:38

Deepest condolences to the Royal family, friends and all loved ones on the passing Her Majesty the Queen. Our Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered and loved by so many of us. Love you my Queen always.

Sandra - Etobicoke, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:49:38

Sending my deepest condolences to the Royal family for the loss of their mom, grannie, aunt and queen. The queen reigned for over 70 years with steadfastness. Her calmness was appreciated all over the world in times of a crisis. We will all miss her. May she Rest In Peace and May her son continue her long legacy of being calm during change and upheaval.

Anna Gemmiti - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:49:37

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your 70+ years of service to the UK, Canada, and the Commonwealth! Rest in peace.

Jon - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:49:34

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge the passing of our gracious Queen. Her majesty has been our calm in life. She will be remembered for her unwavering sense of duty to her subjects. She was dignified, gracious and so much more. We have suffered a great loss but I am so blessed to have lived under her reign.

Karen - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:49:18

So sorry for your loss thoughts and prayers she was an amazing queen

Haley - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:49:10

"Yet hope again elastic springs,
Unconquered, though she fell;
Still buoyant are her golden wings,
Still strong to bear us well."

My deepest condolences to the whole Royal Family. I wish you didn't have to grieve so publicly, but I hope it will help ease your hearts to see how much we loved the Queen. God keep you all well.

Ciaran Llachlan - Little Anse, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:48:45

Thinking of the family.

Beverly - Newfoundland
2022-09-18 20:48:44

Her majesty was an inspiration, a role model and an exceptional person. My condolences to her family and all who knew and cared for her.

Michael - Lower Sackville
2022-09-18 20:48:38

The Queen's intelligence, dignity, and humanity were an inspiration to us all. We were blessed to have her as our Sovereign for so many years. We are grateful that she passed these gifts of leadership to our new King. Long may he reign.

Gwenyth - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:48:15

My dearest and deepest condolences to the Royal Family. May the courage and strength of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II guide you in this time of sorrow. Always loved and forever remembered.

Denise - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:48:08

To His Royal Majesty King Charles III, The Queen Consort and Family:
We are extremely saddened with the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to your country and the world. Your legacy will live forever. In our hearts, the ones we love are never really gone and you will be dearly missed. As Paddington said, thank you for everything. God Save The King.

Faithfully yours,
John Buckley and Olga Buckley and family.

John and Olga - Woodbridge, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:48:04

Thank you your majesty for all that you have done for the monarchy, and the commonwealth during your 70 year reign. Your resilience, ambition, and loyalty will never be forgotten. Rest in power your majesty.

Shemar Bookal - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:47:59

Your Majesty, I curtsy. I highly admire your dedication, 70 years of service, and with such grace. I am so proud to be part of the Commonwealth. You are now wrapped in the Father's love, along with your beloved Prince Philip. No words can really express the feelings I find I have within me when I think of you, or even see you pictures. You truly are one very amazing lady. Rest well with your beloved your Majesty! Rest well!

Charlotte - Yellowknife, NT
2022-09-18 20:47:58

The Queen has been a constant example of grace and servitude in a world of change. Her presence will be missed.

Amy - Arthur ontario
2022-09-18 20:47:35

Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II, Her majestic and beautiful journey will continue...
Respectfully Qi and Xulee CHEN

Qi - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:47:21

Mes sincères condoléances à tous les membres de la famille Royale du Royaume Uni.

Que la Reine d'Élisabeth d'Angleterre repose en paix.

Marie-Claude Melissa - Montréal-Est
2022-09-18 20:47:13

Deepest condolences to the Royal Family on their great loss. Queen Elizabeth was a beacon of wisdom, grace and quiet kindness, and she bore many responsibilities which I'm sure at times were very hard. She will be missed as the world moves on, and I hope she will be guiding her son's hand from above. Thank you for your great service, Elizabeth.

Justina - Airdrie, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:46:53

May you rest in peace your Majesty

Chad C - Woodstock Ontario
2022-09-18 20:46:16

With extreme gratitude for Her Majesty’s decades of selfless public service. May she Rest In Peace.

Stacey - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:46:13

I saw the Queen during her last visit to Winnipeg in 2010 when she unveiled the cornerstone for the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights. She was also a special guest for a free concert at the Forks that same day to celebrate it, which I saw, and it stopped raining just for that concert. R.I.P. Her Royal Majesty will be missed.

Andreas - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:46:05

My sincere condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. I am deeply saddened and stunned. My parents were British (English & Welsh) and I grew up knowing the Queen all my life. She has served her subjects in Great Britain, the Commonwealth and the World with dignity, humility, dedication, and grace. Thank you for your incredible service. We will miss you dearly. RIP 'My Queen' 

Mary Patricia Lloyd - Sarnia, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:45:34

We give our deepest condolences to the royal family. Our hearts and love are with the royal family at this time. Prayers are with everyone.

Tom and mary - Williams BC canada
2022-09-18 20:45:33

I have always admired your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II .
May her soul Rest in Peace.

Maureen - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-18 20:45:27

Her Majesty never waivered from her duty and for that she has my deepest respect. She was someone as a small girl to this day as a women that I looked up to. Being a women at the head of the table with all men and being respected and earning that respect is something I will always cherish about her and think about as I move through my life. My heart goes out to her family and all of us in the world that lost someone truly special. We thank you your Majesty Rest In Peace you deserve it.

Christina - Lake Country, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:45:25

Please accept our deepest condolences. May she rest in peace.

Rita & Daria - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:45:03

Thank you, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll for all that you had given to my Mom. Thank you for all your hard work for 70 years. You will be missed by countless people, including myself. My last happy memories with my Mom were spending hours of reading and translating your life stories into Chinese on my Mom's last birthday. Thank you! God bless you and the Royal family. Sending my sincere condolences. God Save the King.

Tania H - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 20:45:00

I add you to my prayers. Thank you for your lifetime of service as a dignified leader and as a model for women in leadership roles everywhere. May you rest in peace with God.

Karen Nickel - Houston TX
2022-09-18 20:44:53

Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to serve; to be steadfast in her leadership for the world. The Queen will be missed and always remembered. God Bless the Royal Family, that they may find strength in each other and be buoyed by the gratitude of the people of the Commonwealth and throughout the world.

Mary & Alfio Magnanelli - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:44:46

Thank-you for your dedication, service and inspiration to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, including Canada. Your promise made in 1947 on your 21st birthday and in 1953 on Coronation Day has been fulfilled. Rest in peace.

Marrianne - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:44:30

Thank-you for your duty and your strength for so many years. Love from Canada.

McKenzie - Midland, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:44:13

I wish to express my deepest condolences to the Royal Family , Her Majesty's loved ones, friends and her many loyal subjects on such an immeasurable loss.
I come from a long line of loyalist orange men and women, so the Monarchy has played such a huge part in my family history, it feels as though I have lost someone as well.
If grief is the cost of loving someone, than it was well worth the price.
Safe home Ma'am.

Heather - Guelph Ontario
2022-09-18 20:43:54

Your Majesty, you represented your country in the most admirable way for so many years. Canada has also been so fortunate to have you as our Queen. We wish to thank you for your service, your kindness and your leadership. You have been a part of our lives our entire lives. Our sincere condolences to your family. Thank you Your Majesty. Thank you.

Helen and Doug - Goderich, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:43:52

Forever in our hearts and thoughts. God Bless The Queen. Wendy and Pat and our family members in heaven.

Wendy and Pat Daly - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 20:43:37

May it please Your Majesty & all the Royal Family to accept the deepest condolences on the death of our late Sovereign Lady of blessed and glorious memory, from two of Your Majesty’s loyal Canadian subjects, my own 96-year-old mother, now blind, a WWII Canadian signalwoman (W.R.C.N.S.), and myself. May Your Majesty & all the Royal Family be held in God’s loving arms at this time of great personal & Commonwealth loss & bereavement.

Marion Carruthers/Richard Carruthers-Zurowski

Richard - West Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:43:28

My sincere condolences to the royal family and eternal rest to the queen

Maria del Rocio - Pointe-Claire Quebec
2022-09-18 20:43:11

My sincerest condolences to members of the Royal Family on the loss of Her Majesty. As a Canadian, I am proud to be a staunch supporter of the Monarchy. On Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation I was privileged to play the pipes in Her Honour at a rural school in Millville, Cape Breton, N.S. and pass out the Coronation medallions to the students . I was proud to be invited . God Bless Queen Elizabeth 11 and Long Live the King.

Anne Jacquelyn (Oram) MacDonald - Navan, Ontario,
2022-09-18 20:43:10

Thank you for such consistent and gracious service on our behalf for 70 years. My daughter, Elizabeth, and I will celebrate her birthday while we watch the Queen's funeral on Sept 19 with mixed feelings. We celebrate qualities we value and that her majesty embodied: a life well-lived, a dedication to others, and a commitment to an ideal.

Anne - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:43:09

God save The King.

Ronald - Montréal Quebec
2022-09-18 20:42:49

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.May her memory be eternal

Peter Kyreakakos - Halifax,Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:42:29

I was a teenager when you came on the throne, and I followed your rein until the end.
Rest in Peace my Queen.

Dawn - Shelburne, Ontario via Windsor, England
2022-09-18 20:42:27

Rest In Peace my beloved Queen 

Primrose - Vancouver
2022-09-18 20:42:12

My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family on her majesty’s passing. It is difficult to believe she is gone, and you are in my thoughts during this difficult time.

God save the King.

Jessica - Puslinch, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:41:18

Offering the Royal Family my most sincere condolences on this great loss of a Mother, grandmother and great grandmother. There will never be another like Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. A woman before her time, a life of service, a legacy of tradition, dignity, humility and respect. She will never be forgotten.

Christine Cayer - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-18 20:40:12

I am deeply saddened by the passing of our Queen. Her service, dedication, and poise were unparalleled. She will be greatly missed

Daniell - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:39:55

Your Majesty, it was a privilege to shake your hand on June 28, 1990, following a performance at the Calgary Centre for Performing Arts.
Thank you for your life of service to the Commonwealth. May you rest in peace, reunited with your loved ones.

Kate - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:39:35

I want to express my deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the death of Her Majesty. Her devotion, service, and faith was an example for the world to emulate.

Wilson Hodges - St., Catharines, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:38:48

Your majesty the Queen,
Thank-you for your many years of service to our country Canada. May you Rest In Peace.
My condolences to King Charles and your loving family!

Carol - Niagara Falls, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:38:46

J'offre mes condoléances à la famille de Sa Majesté la reine Élizabeth II. Que Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ vous bénisse et vous protège tout au long de votre vie. Puissiez-vous être des modèles de dignité et de respect pour toute personne démunie.

Irène - Sherbrooke, Québec
2022-09-18 20:38:43

Mes sincères condoléances , sa majesté était une femme exceptionnelle

Badia - Quebec montreal
2022-09-18 20:38:32

My sincere condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her constancy, reliability and dedication were remarkable and comforting. She will be dearly missed.

Dawn - London, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:38:31

Thank you, Your Majesty, for all you have done.

Kim Hing - Scarborough, Toronto
2022-09-18 20:37:35

In a life devoted to healing moments and gestures across the globe, none was more impressive than the Queen's 2011 visit to the Republic of Ireland: a masterclass in respect, diplomacy, and profound understanding that greatly improved Anglo-Irish relations. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.
Tim, British Columbia (happy to blend my southern Irish inheritance with a Commonwealth country).

Tim - Duncan, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:37:28

. I met her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, when as a young queen she did a royal tour of Canada. I was in brownies (8) years old. In the city of Ner Westminster. I presented her Majesty with flowers.
The torch has been passed to you King Charles, the III. In this time of transitions and mourning, please remember to be kind and gentle with one another.
I will cherish my personal memory of the Queen. I wish you and your family all the best, in the years that follow.

2022-09-18 20:37:26

To Her Majestic The Queen Thank you for a lifetime of dedication and service. There will never be another Queen who gave so much as you. Born in Uk and my family loving the Royal family.
Deepest condolences to King Charles lll and all the family.

Judy - Vancouver. British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:36:50

How lucky the Commonwealth has been to have had this wise, selfless, compassionate, dedicated, and dutiful woman as our monarch for the last seven decades! My sincere sympathy to the members of the Royal Family who have lost a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, or cousin. She will live forever in your hearts, and in ours.

Richard - Matchosin, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:36:43

I was lucky to be born in HongKong under the British Sovereignty. Thank you for the Queen, Her Majesty' protection and services during her life time. God Bless the Queen.

Fung - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:36:31

To His Majesty King Charles and members of The Royal Family.
Our deepest and sincerest condolences to you all for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We Thank you for her service and dedication to the country of Canada and to the Commonwealth. As our longest reigning monarch, and reigning for nearly half of Canada's existence, Her legacy will live on in this country forever. May her soul rest in peace. God Save the King

Cercone & Ledo Families - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:36:29

A life well lived. Gone, but not forgotten. May your soul rest in peace. May your loved ones cherish your memories. May God shower His blessings on all and forgive all. May there always be love, hope and dreams. From Doreen Khan and family.

Liza - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:36:19

Rest in peace Your Majesty. You have fullfilled your vow of dedicated service wholeheartedly. You have been a much loved constant in my 71 years. I will miss your steadfast presence in my life. God bless you.

Anne - North Bay, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:36:13

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II will be missed by many. Thank you for your dedicated service.
Rest In Eternal Peace Queen Elizabeth II with your beloved husband Prince Phillip.

Kathlyne and William - Cardiff, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:35:46

I would like to say something about Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to all family member to my condolence . Majesty was and be nice person. She Majesty will be not forget and we will remember her us big heart on the world.

Jitka - Hamilton, Ontario,Canada
2022-09-18 20:35:40

May Her Majesty Queen's soul rest in eternal peace!!!

Bal - Brampton, ON
2022-09-18 20:35:04

I was fortunate enough to have seen the Queen in 1959 at Wainwright, Alberta, Canada. My sincere condolences to her Family.

Del - Lloydminster, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:34:49

Thank you my Queen for your tireless years of service. I loved you my entire life and I will always miss you my Queen. Love always. So glad you and your prince have been reunited.

Ally - Surrey BC
2022-09-18 20:34:48

QEII was always someone I admired for her sense of duty and her services to her country and the Commonwealth. Rest in peace.

Katherine - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:34:37

My deepest sympathy to the Royal Family. We knew her as our Queen - she was also your family. May you take comfort in your cherished memories.

To Queen Elizabeth: Thank you. For your lifetime of dedicated service to the people of Britain and the rest of the world. For being an inspiration to me personally, and to so many. For being a strong female leader exemplifying strength, grace, and character. Thank you for everything. You will always be remembered.

Susanne Hawkins - Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-18 20:34:01

My Father was in the R.C.M.P. and was with a security detail assigned to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, He often told us How Gracious, Kind and what a wonderful smile she had. Condolences To The Royal Family who who have to mourn her loss while fulfilling traditions & duties.

Colleen - Surrey B.C.
2022-09-18 20:33:38

My heartfelt condolences to all members of the Royal Family on the loss of our dear Queen Elizabeth II. Her constancy, caring and honour is a guide to us all as we move forward in service to our communities, neighbours and our world.

Anne MacDonald - Baddeck, NS
2022-09-18 20:33:37

My sincere condolences to all her family and friends, Rest In Peace

Marsha - Pictou, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:31:05

Merci pour votre dévotion pour toutes ses années. Reposer en paix, votre devoir a éré complètement accomplie. Merci.

Monique - St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. Québec
2022-09-18 20:29:59

I offer my sincere condolences to the King and the rest of the Royal Family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s almost hard to believe she’s gone. The Queen has been an overseer of my entire life - in schools, in sports arenas, on our currency, and even at my office - she was always there guiding us with her steadfast, gentle and kind hand. I truly thought she’d live forever. Thank you for your unmatched and unwavering service, your Majesty. You will be deeply missed.

Kathie - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:29:26

I feel greatly honored to have graduated from Queen Elizabeth School of Hong Kong - our school of Royal title!
RIP, Your Majesty !
And deepest condolences to the Royal family!

Chi - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:29:25

My condolences to King Charles III and to the Royal Family in their time of loss, sorrow and celebration of the life and passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty's thoughtfulness and guidance and indeed the influence by the example she set has been profound and impactful across great distances and throughout our lives. May Her Majesty rest in peace.

Andy Pryde - Peterborough, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:29:15

Reposez en paix. Vous le méritez...

Reynald - Sorel-Tracy, Québec
2022-09-18 20:29:13

Rest in Peace.

Nazih - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-18 20:29:04

Rest In Peace. Thank you for your service and supportive ways for Canada. I appreciate you. Warmest regards. B

Brian - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:28:52

Rest in peace our beautiful Queen Elizabeth

Susan - Fonthill, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:28:50

Sending condolences to His Majesty, King Charles and the entire Royal Family on the loss of Queen Elizabeth. We mourn the loss of our beloved Queen and remain grateful for her selfless service. May she rest peacefully. A life well loved and well lived.

Susan - Springside, Saskatchewan
2022-09-18 20:28:26

Thank you for your many decades of service. May you Rest In Peace.

Darryl - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:28:23

We remember our beloved Queen Elizabeth as a woman of grace, personal strength and commitment to duty. We hold her in great respect and will miss her presence. Rest in peace Your Majesty.

James & Joanne Scott - Banff, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:26:59

Thank you to the most amazing Queen who has led us so well for 70 years. Your wisdom will be missed by many. You have led by example, displaying patience and poise at all times. Your sense of humour also peeked through at times. We will miss your guidance but we support King Charles III in the years to come. We love you, Queen Elizabeth II. You have served us well.

Carol - Abbotsford, BC
2022-09-18 20:26:09

Thank you. Rest In Peace .

Gwendolyn ,John ,Abaigeal ,Sophie, Olivia - Ottawa.Ontario
2022-09-18 20:26:02

Her Majesty have touched my life in ways she and her family will never know. I've cried so many times now, and my only regret is that I was not able to take my citizenship oath in her name. But my allegiance will always to be Her Majesty.
I hold her close to my heart and will do so until it stops beating.
Thank you, ma'am, for everything.
Rest in Peace.
God save the King

Henrique Poderoso - Milton, ON
2022-09-18 20:25:48

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been a source of inspiration to me my whole life, being born the year of her coronation. My deepest condolences to King Charles III and the family for the loss of your expectational mother and grandmother. Her memory will live on to guide all of us.

Elizabeth - St. John's, NL
2022-09-18 20:25:24

Condolences to the immediate and extended members of the Royal family.
The world will never witness the reign of such a remarkable woman again. It has been an honour as a member of the Commonwealth to have HRH as our head of state.

Alyssa - London, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:25:21

requiescat in pace

God Save the Queen!

Andrew Fleck - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:24:44

I extend my sympathy on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty has lived a full life and her reign has been a historic one and would not be forgotten. May her soul rest in peace.

C. Sauers - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:22:57

Paying my respects this week from afar. Deeply grateful for six decades under her reign. Heavy of heart for the loss her family now bears. My sweetest memory remains being a schoolgirl in Ottawa during the Silver Jubilee. We celebrated at school and were each given a commemorative coin. At that moment, seven years old, I realized her love for each and every one of us. I still treasure that coin. Long did she reign over us. Thank you, ma'am. God save the King!!! <3

Catarina K Love - Charlottesville, Virginia (originally Kingston, Ontario)
2022-09-18 20:22:42

For seventy years you were always there to guide and console us every time we needed you. Thank you so much! You are loved and missed.

Emem - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:22:42

Defender of the Faith - She embodied that throughout her glorious reign as Queen.
My condolences to the Royal family. I am so very thankful for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Margaret - Tottenham, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:22:17

Thank you for your dedicating your life to service! You are truly a role model for us all...I was privileged to have had the opportunity to play for you as a member of a local high school band at your visit to Acadia University, Wolfville, NS in 1976! Rest in peace! Your work is complete!

Patrice - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:21:47

Thank you for your many years of dedicated service and your obvious love of Canada and Canadians.

Lesley - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:21:26

My deepest condolences go to all the Royal family during this difficult time. You have lost your darling mother and grandmother. We have lost our Queen. We are all in mourning. It was inspiring to have seen her work for the past 70 years. She will be dearly missed and forever remembered. As you move forward as a family and country, God save the King.

Deidre - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-18 20:21:04

Mes sincères sympathies

Nicole - Montréal
2022-09-18 20:20:43

May you RIP Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for your service and dedication for over 70 years. Your compassion, kindness, humour and smile will be missed dearly. You can now join the love of your life, Philip, for eternity. What a wonderful Queen you were. Condolences to all of the Royal Family. God save the Queen. All my love..RIP.

Marion - Victoria BC
2022-09-18 20:20:35

Our sincere and deepest condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II be greatly missed by us.
A truly wonderful, intelligent and lovely person to have had as our Queen for 70 years.
Rest In Peace Ma'am.
David and Serge

David - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:20:20

Deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for your years of service. Your work on earth is done. May God’s Hands and His Angels guide you as you travel to your eternal Heavenly home.

Anne - Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-18 20:19:33

Toutes mes condoléances, c'est une reine hors du commun !
toutes mes pensées vont pour elle et pour sa famille

Rabah - Québec, Montréal
2022-09-18 20:19:07

You are the only British monarch I have known in my lifetime and your presence is felt everywhere in this country. It is still shocking to think you've passed from this realm to the next. When I think of you, I recall your long and accomplished life, that you were a model of loyalty and public service, and experienced all the joys and sorrows of love, loss, family, and friendship through your lifetime. I hope you are at peace with your true love Philip. You will be remembered forever.

Denise - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:19:06

Thank you for being a great leader to the world with your kindness and honesty

Grace - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:19:06

Sending my heartfelt condolences to the Royal family. Rest In Peace your Majesty. You will not be forgotten.

Janice - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:19:00

For your dedication to public service, poise and grace during your reign we thank you.

Krista - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:18:49

Rest In Peace dear Queen Elizabeth. Your duty is done and we are grateful.

Elizabeth - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:17:38

En cette triste circonstance AU NOM du peuple marocain, au Roi Charles III à l’ensemble des membres de l’auguste famille royale et au peuple britannique et canadien mes sincères condoléances et ma profonde sympathie

2022-09-18 20:17:31

Thank you for your 70 years of service. You are a remarkable woman and there will never be anyone like you.

Fiona - Courtice, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:17:03

Such a loss the queen was a beautiful woman God bless her

Judy - Moncton
2022-09-18 20:16:53

My deepest sympathy to the family of Queen Elizabeth.
I immigrated to Canada from England as a young child but having her as our queen made me feel still connected to my homeland. Thank you for your service, your majesty. May you Rest In Peace.

Sally - British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:16:50

May you Rest In Peace and May your family cherish and hang onto the happy precious memories of time together. I met her once while she was to walked past us but her son stopped so she said hi to our Brownie group she was so gracious and such a great representation of what a woman can accomplish. She is very missed. But as she wished I say long live the King May he reign with her strength and grace

Christine - Airdrie Alberta Canada
2022-09-18 20:16:20

I can remember as a child and a growing adult my mother yelling up the stairs at my brother and I to get up and come downstairs, as your message was about to begin on Christmas Day. My mother was a british war bride and she absolutely adored you. I know that you will cross paths with her in paradise, her name is Vicki.

Thank you for your 70 years of devoted and steadfast dedication of service to the commonwealth and to Canada Your Majesty.

God Bless, Dinny

Dianne - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:16:12

Thank you Queen E for your service and dedication and setting an example for all of us but mainly to our girls.
Our most heartfelt condolences to your entire family.
May you Rest In Peace and be reunited with Prince Philip.

Lorena - Holland Landing, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:15:57

I became a Queen Scout early in Her Majesty's reign, and was proud to be so. Was pleased to have seen her and the Duke in person at the 1957 Boy Scout Jamboree in Sutton Coldfield, England. May they both rest in peace.

James Slyfield - Clarington, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:15:49

Our sincere condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her life of duty to her country and the commonwealth nations as well as her devotion to her family was exemplary. Her presence will be missed by millions worldwide.

Cathy and Jean-Claude - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:14:36

une triste nouvelle , Repose en paix sa majesté ,
Nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil et vous assurons de nos sentiments les plus affectueux.
Nos plus sincères condoléances pour votre perte.
Recevez l'expression de notre sympathie la plus profonde

youssef maroc - longueuil
2022-09-18 20:14:26

Heartfelt prayers and condolences to the royal family in the passing of an amazing women. I’ve learned so much more about our Queen in the last week but always knew she was a strong person in so many ways. God Bless! It is time to rest.

Cynthia - Squires
2022-09-18 20:13:48

You have been an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for your service. My mother was your biggest supporter, I hope she greeted you with open arms at the pearly gates! You will be sorely missed and continuously loved. HRH ERII
Love Holly Anderson and Doug Anderson

Holly - Halifax Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:13:13

I have admired you since I was a young girl and you a beautiful princess. I remember being lucky to see you four times when you visited Canada. You opened the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver and which I was lucky to attend. Thank you for being an honorable sovereign for so many years.

Marilyn - USA
2022-09-18 20:13:05

Thank you for your unending strength of character, you were such an inspiration to all.

Judith - Headingley MB
2022-09-18 20:13:00

You were a good queen.

cathy - toronto ontario
2022-09-18 20:12:49

With deepest gratitude and admiration for your service, your witness and your grace. You will be missed.
Rest eternal grant unto Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II O Lord: and let light perpetual shine upon her. Ps. 65. Rest in peace and rise in glory.

Juanita - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:12:29

With sorrow and gratitude for a extraordinary life of duty, servitude and faith.

Robyn - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:12:29

My sincerest condolences to all the Royal Family on the passing of their incredible Queen. Queen Elizabeth was my Queen, first born in England and now living here in Canada. A role model like no other—likely never to be matched again. God Bless.

Tracey - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:11:59

Thank you for your 70 years of dedicated service . I am a Proud Canadian and glad that I am part of the Common Wealth that you have served so graciously. My sincere condolences to all of the Royal Family.

Roseanna Bakema - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:11:57

Thank you for your service. You have been a strong part of my life since early childhood. I feel a bond with you with the love of horses and dogs. Sadly, I never met you but am honoured to know you. RIP my Queen Elizabeth.

Lorri - Stony Plain, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:11:47

To the entire Royal Family, my condolences. The Queen was a great leader and wonderful woman. She has been the monarch I knew my whole life. I will miss her. I hope King Charles follow in her amazing footsteps. RIP

Jean - Guelph Ontario
2022-09-18 20:11:03

I would like to thank Her Majesty for her 70 years of service and a truly formidable life lived, and send all my best to the Royal Family in this difficult time.

Ashley - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:10:07

The Queen always represented grace and decorum. Her presence in the world will be deeply missed. May she rest in eternal peace.

Janet - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:10:00

I am originally from the UK now living in Canada. No matter where I have been I have lived my whole life under Her Majesty's reign. I am so grateful for all that she has done and sacrificed for us in the UK and across the commonwealth.

God rest her soul.

Benjamin - Toronto, ON
2022-09-18 20:09:31

She will be missed.

Keith - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:09:07

Deepest sympathy to the Royal family on their loss of their mother, grandmother and great grandmother. A beautiful lady that you willing shared with the world to be loved and admired. May she rest in peace and her beautiful smile will always be remembered

Ruby - Paradise, NL
2022-09-18 20:08:35

We will miss your gracious spirit tremendously. You have been a part of our lives for our entire lives. Your smile, warmth and beautiful nature will be missed. We will never see anyone like you ever again. Peace be with you our beautiful Queen. You are loved beyond measure. God Save the Queen!
Love, Carrie, Richard, Emily, Anderson and Scarlett

Carrie - Halifax Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 20:07:34

Je loue le Seigneur pour la vie de la reine Elizabeth II, que j'ai appris à admirer et à aimer. Je souhaite la consolation du Saint-Esprit aux membres proches de sa famille et que le Rois des Rois bénis le nouveau rois avec de la fois en Crist et beaucoup de sagesse.
Mes plus sincères condoléances.

Luciana - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-18 20:07:26

Sincères condoléances à tout le PEUPLE CANADIEN. Repose en paix Grande Dame Reines des Reines.

Appolinaire ZOLI - Cameroun
2022-09-18 20:07:04

My condolences to the entire Royal family. The world will never be the same without Queen Elizabeth ll. May she rest in peace.

Amanda - Rockwood, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:06:52

Thank you for your service and dedication.

Nordette - Ontario
2022-09-18 20:06:34

Rest In Peace Your Majesty, you are now with your Beloved Prince Philip. Thank you for 70 years of selfless dedication to service and duty. Your kindness and compassion touched so many lives, the memories will be cherished for a lifetime. You will be dearly missed.

Theresa - Richmond, British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:06:22

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth ii 

Christine - Ottawa ontario
2022-09-18 20:06:09

Thank you for all you did. You have left the realm in good hands but you will never be forgotten.

Helen - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:05:56

RIP HM. You will be missed.

Nick - Regina, Saskatchewan
2022-09-18 20:05:50

My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family at this time. Thank you to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second for a life of service as our Sovereign.

Stephen - Oakville, ON
2022-09-18 20:05:25

Thank your for your dedicated service as Queen. You brought dignity, compassion, humour, and steadfast leadership to the role. The world was a better place thanks to you. May you Rest In Peace.

God Save the King.

Jodey - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-18 20:04:47

Our deepest condolences.

God save the queen!

Sophia and Tatay

Sophia and Tatay - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:04:45

Condolences to the Royal family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will always be remembered for her strength, commitment, and courage. She will be deeply missed.

Hillary - St. Catharines Ontario
2022-09-18 20:04:40

May you rest in peace after all these years of arduous work.

JoAnne and Marc - Azilda, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:04:31

Attended a Luncheon RCMP depot for The Queen and Prince Philip. Very exciting for my husband and I. He was a member of the force at that time .

Wanda Colvin - West Kelowna British Columbia
2022-09-18 20:04:15

I had a chance to meet the queen as a young child, in the Brownies. Unfortunately, she arrived from the opposite end of the sidewalk from where I stood. It was disappointing then but it wasn’t until I was a young adult that I truly understood how amazing she was.

Monique - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:03:58

Thinking of you, your royal majesty, a loss of a family member is always a time of sorrow. Go safely to the Lord upstairs he will take care of you. Bless you and thank you for the years you’ve given to me, to learn great dignity and respect that you shared with the world.

Sheila - Victoria, B.C.
2022-09-18 20:03:27

Thank you very much for Her Majesty services in the whole world and Commonwealth, with my deepest sorrow.

Paul - Burnaby, BC
2022-09-18 20:03:13

My deepest condolences to the Queen's family during this time of public grief. Queen Elizabeth, Rest In Peace alongside your most loved Philip, your strength and stay. You've accomplished what you set out to do and served your country with dignity, wisdom, kindness and steadfast dedication. You will not be forgotten.

Barb - Callander, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:03:10

It was with great sadness that we learned about the passing of our beloved queen after seventy dears of devoted service to her country and the commonwealth. The one thing for which we were grateful was her Christian faith which was so evident and how well we remember her last Christmas message in which she spoke about it being the birthday of our saviour. Now as we welcome our new king it is our hope and prayer that he will model his ruling after her and may God bless him in his new office.

Garth and Marlene - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 20:01:36

From Hong Kong to Australia to Britain to Canada, you have always been my Queen. We will always love you, ma'am, especially for inspiring us all with your spirit of service. Thank you for everything you did for the Commonwealth. Rest in eternal Peace!

Peter - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:01:31

Condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was an outstanding figure of integrity, values and hope in our chaotic world as well as a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She will forever be remembered.

Katie - Mount Elgin, Ontario
2022-09-18 20:00:43

Our sincerest condolences to His Majesty King Charles III and families on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Thank you for a lifetime of service and dedication.
You will be greatly missed.
God Bless Her Majesty always. May She rest in peace.
Vichnaya Pam’yat. May Her Memory be Eternal. Vichnaya Pam'yat.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Love, Prayers & Hugs, from the Evanyshyn Family - Olga, Cathy & Teresa.
Long live the King!

Evanyshyn Family - Olga, Cathy & Teresa - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 20:00:36

I did not know the throne before you,
nor know what becomes of it after you.

Rest now, your Majesty,
your service was full and with gracious modestly.

I think about you lots due to photography,
and never heard once any mockery.

You are like a wonderful mother and grandmother,
a proud Canada you left never feeling just like another.

You'll always be our Queen and Royal,

Your subjects in Canada is honoured to be Loyal.

Rest in Peace, oh Beautiful Queen, both inside and out.

Paul - St. John's, NL - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 19:59:46

Queen Elizabeth: Compassion, grace, strength and character. Such a loss this sad September; but also, what a legacy and inspiration. Thank you, and rest in peace.

Margaret - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:59:15

She was a remarkable queen and and set an example of service to others for all of my life. Her work and steadfast approach to whatever life handed her is an inspiration to all. She will be remembered as a woman of personal strength and perseverance, especially in the hardest times. What an example of motherhood, "grandmotherhood" and friendship she offered! Rest in peace!

wendy - Erskine, Alberta
2022-09-18 19:59:00

Her many years of leadership and service were an inspiration to many generations. I send my condolences with admiration and respect.

Lindsay - New Westminster, British Columbia
2022-09-18 19:58:33

Our sincere condolences to the entire Royal Family on the sad passing of a most wonderful Queen and Mother. Queen Elizabeth II was so much admired and loved. We wish to offer our appreciation for a lifetime of devotion to our country.

Gertrude - East Mines, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 19:57:58

Thank you, Your Majesty, for all you have done. My Nanny (Guernsey born lady) shared her love and loyalty to you with me my whole life and I am the better person for it. I am sad that you have left us (somehow in my mind I thought you would live forever) but grateful that if you had to go you did so on my Nanny’s birthday. In my heart I know she would be there to greet you and share a birthday tea with you. I am to blessed to have had you as my Queen.

Paula Harris - Shawnigan Lake, BC
2022-09-18 19:57:43

With heartfelt sadness, staff students and leaders at The Canadian School of Ulaanbaatar Education send our deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. We reflect on her extraordinary service to her country and the Commonwealth. While there is so much for us to learn from values she espoused as a leader, perhaps those that will remain most warmly in our memories were her kindness and compassion. May she rest in peace.

Craig Draper-Johnson - Canadian School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2022-09-18 19:57:35

To the Royal Family,

As proud English woman, I honour Queen Elizabeth II for her long reign over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Countries. I honour her being a woman at that, for being the longest reigning monarch of the world. I honour her for understanding, commitment and personal noble conduct she exemplified in her position.

My prayer for the Royal Family is that you hold on more tightly to faith in God and walk more honorably in His Ways.


Sherill Simpson

Sherill - Etobicoke, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:57:25

Wishing you my sincere condolences and strength while you grieve.

Catherine - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-18 19:56:45

It was with the deepest sadness that I heard of the passing of our beloved Majesty. She was our guiding light through our troubling times and the one who shared in happiest moments. Her Majesty has been with us throughout our lives caring and sharing her love with us. We will remember her in our hearts and memories always. May God keep her and Bless her always. God save the King.

Margaret Bennion - Ontario Canada
2022-09-18 19:56:31

Queen Elizabeth II was a great Queen and head of state. A role model for those in the public light.
Condolences to her family and friends.
Canada will miss their Queen.

John, Jennie, JD and Dallas - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:56:22

Though we have never met, you have managed to leave an indelible impression and impact on the world around you. Without bias your impression to me is one of idol, icon, activist, feminist, role-model, mother, grand-mother, spouse and sovereign.
To say you will be missed, would be an understatement.
Deepest condolences to your family.

Kathryn Herridge - RM of Dundurn, Saskatchewan
2022-09-18 19:54:58

Queen Elizabeth II you’ve done a beautiful job. Rest in peace. God bless the family. Wish I could’ve been there.

Kim Elrassi - Hudson, Quebec, Canada.
2022-09-18 19:54:40

She was a great role model for women all over the world. She lead the people with peace, calmness, and love. She will be missed in more ways than one can comprehend. She guidance and spirit will live on forever.

Shirley - Langford, British Columbia
2022-09-18 19:54:14

Being a Canadian citizen I grew up learning to appreciate the Queen. I admire you as a women, capable of all like all of us!

You will be missed

2022-09-18 19:54:05

Sorry to the royal family on losing a brilliant, kind and magnificent Women. Queen Elizabeth was beautiful and I wish I had a chance to meet her. But growing up with her as my queen has made me who I am today. Sending all my love to you all during this time.

2022-09-18 19:52:59

The Queen's ascent to the throne was doubtless the beginning of a new era for the British Empire, and succeeding it, the Commonwealth, and it would be fitting to say that era is now coming to a close. Where the world is headed is yet to be seen, but her life of service will be remembered. My condolences to the Royal Family for their loss.

Malcolm - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:52:57

Our beloved Queen, may you rest in peace. Thank you for your years of dedication and service. When I was just a young girl, my family were expats and I was living in England during your silver jubilee. I remember it so fondly. Although I was born and now live back in Canada, I very much consider England my home. As a royalist, I pray that Canada continues to pledge allegiance to the crown; now and forever. Rest in peace ma’am. You are so deeply loved and will be greatly missed.

Adele - Pickering, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:52:43

We were so sorry to hear the sad, sad news of the Queen's death. Our world will not be the same without our gracious Queen Elizabeth II. We shall miss her steady presence and radiant smile. God bless her.

No matter how long we have with those we love and admire, we always hope for one more day.

Our deepest condolences to His Majesty King Charles III and all the Royal Family. God bless and keep you all.

Brenda L - Sherwood Park, Alberta
2022-09-18 19:51:56

Your Memory will live on for many, many years to come. The commitment to the job that was placed on your shoulders is something that the world will never forget. Your family will carry on as you have taught them by your example . Rest In Peace your Majesty.

Laurie - Oil springs ,Ontario
2022-09-18 19:51:51

Rest in peace.

Louise & Herb - Wpg., MB.
2022-09-18 19:49:49

As a young British girl growing up in Canada, I always knew you were something special. Thank You For Your Service You will be Greatly Missed and Always Admired. Rest Easy My Queen

Nadine - Manitoba
2022-09-18 19:48:58

My heartfelt condolences to all of the Royal family as they mourn the loss of the Queen. She was an example of service to all and a constant presence in the lives of so many. My sincere thank you to Her Majesty for the extraordinary 70 years of her reign.

Tamara - Salmon Arm, BC
2022-09-18 19:48:34

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family

Nadia - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-18 19:47:57

Sorry for all of our loss 

Cathy Baraniuk - Fenwick, Ontario Canada
2022-09-18 19:47:55

We are saddened by the loss of HRH, Queen Elizabeth II who has been our faithful head of state for 70 years. We have appreciated her dedication to our country. She will be greatly missed. May her soul rest in peace.

Houssam and Fadwa El Bennay - North York, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:47:48

Thank you, your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for your lifetime of service. You always led with strength, dignity, and grace, even in the most trying times. You will never be forgotten and be forever in our hearts.

Sending my deepest condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family. Wishing you all peace and courage at this difficult time.

Gail - Dieppe, NB
2022-09-18 19:47:02

There are not enough words to say how sorry I am and how much the world will miss her.

Rest easy

Susan - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:46:30

Your Majesty ...
Thank you for being a constant throughout my 63 years, and for being the finest example of a servant leader in the world.
While growing up my mother and my grandmother were the household Monarchists. Your image was prominent in our house, your message a must watch every Christmas. Since the early 1990s I have come to realize, through my wife’s strong interest in the Royal Family, how critical your family’s role is in maintaining stability in an unstable world.
Rest in peace.

Taber - Stittsville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:45:51

Thank you for your years of service. We are so blessed to be led by you.

Aldrich - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 19:45:37

Thank you for inspiring our family.

Dr Ed - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 19:44:59

Thank you for your strength, grace, commitment, leadership to your family and the Commonwealth. I am grateful and would like to extend my condolences to your family.

Alison - Saskatoon, SK
2022-09-18 19:44:09

Sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Royal family for your great loss.

Victoria OLSEN - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-18 19:44:07

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family! Rest In Peace, Your Majesty Thank you, for your service.

Kim - Ottawa Ontario Canada
2022-09-18 19:44:05

Rest in Peace our dear Royal. We will miss you and your smile....

Brenda - Prescott Ontario
2022-09-18 19:43:59

Thank you ... Queen Elizabeth II ...
you were truly a Proverbs 31 Woman; a woman of noble character. You were put in place by God to serve Him wholeheartedly until the day you passed from this life. Your dignity, grace, wisdom and strength were a testimony to His faithfulness to you and your devotion to Him.

You were a wonderfully amazing follower of Christ and leader of our Commonwealth! You will be sadly missed!!

Lisa - Stittsville Ontario
2022-09-18 19:43:52

The world has lost an incredible life. My sincere condolences and deepest sympathies to the Royal Family, to the people of United Kingdom, The Realms, and The Commonwealth, and to everyone in the world who has been affected by Queen Elizabeth's passing. It is an honor to know her Majesty's great works and the history of The United Kingdom.

Cristina E. Ozoa - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:43:36

R. I. P. to the greatest woman of the Twentieth century, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a powerful and perfect example of unwavering devotion and strength. She was the incarnation of leading by example, which I truly admire. She had prouved how adaptable she was in all time. With all my respect, I offer my deepest sympathy to The Royal Family at this time of great sadness.

Farah - Longueuil, Québec
2022-09-18 19:43:00

Thank you for being such a wonderful and amazing person and the service you have given. May you Rest In Peace with your loved one.

Marie - Adelaide
2022-09-18 19:42:46

Rest in Peace, ma'am and thank you for everything.

Cynthia - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:42:41

Thank you Your Majesty for your service and dedication to the Commonwealth. Thank you for bringing the best to Hong Kong. You are a true inspiration to the whole world. My Queen, Rest in Peace.

Betty - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:42:19

My deepest condolences to the entire Royal Family for such a great loss. Her Majesty The Queen shall be missed by many people for many years to come.

Alex - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 19:42:06

My sympathies

Dominick - Halifax Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 19:41:35

C'est triste que tu sois partie. T'étais un modèle pour plein de femmes y compris moi.

Candy - Saint-amable
2022-09-18 19:40:21

the queen ruled with dignity. and sense of her ruling will be terribly missed. long live the queen. she will be sorely missed by all

judy - coquitlam british columbia
2022-09-18 19:40:15

Thank you for your lifetime of service to our great commonwealth. Rest well.

Thomas Echlin - Lanark, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:40:08

Queen Elizabeth II was truly a remarkable lady and an inspiration to us all !! With heartfelt sorrow and utmost respect I wish you peace in your eternal rest. My sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family during this difficult time. Her Majesty will be greatly missed by many.

Bonnie - Belledune, New Brunswick Canada
2022-09-18 19:39:48

My sincerest condolences to all members of the Royal Family. Her Majesty The Queen was our steadfast anchor for over 70 years and for which we are ever grateful.

Elizabeth - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:39:15

Sending Love & Healing Vibes to The Royal Family.

Julie-Ann - Grande Praire Alberta
2022-09-18 19:39:14

God Bless the Queen. Rest In Peace. Thank you for 70 years of service. You will be sorely missed. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. God Bless King Charles III.

Linda - Alliston Ontario
2022-09-18 19:38:55

Seeing the Queen in the 70s at Fort George Niagara on the Lake as Girl Guide was very special - my sister Cathy a Brownie was spoken to by Her. God bless her, her family & the legacy & future of the Crown.

Kim - Fort Erie, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:37:43

Our sincere condolences to your family.
RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Erin & Bryan - Yarker, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:37:06

My sincerest condolences to the Royal family. The world is mourning a Queen, but to you she was a beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. May you be comforted by your memories of her. Someday you will be reunited with her as she is with her loving husband. Rest in eternal peace, dear Queen. Your work on earth is done.

Novelette - Markham
2022-09-18 19:36:47

Because of her demeanour, her courage, her humour and dignity, we are Royalists. Condolences to all who knew and loved her.

Nancy & Phil - Kingston, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:36:20

As I am about the age you were when you became Queen, I have reflected many times on how to live a life of purpose and meaning as you did. Thank you for your example, Your Majesty, and for everything. The impact you have had on me, and so many others around the world, lives on with your memory. May you rest in eternal peace.

Anabel - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-18 19:36:07

My condolences to the royal family.
Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for an extraordinary life of service.

Mary Ann - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-18 19:34:22

My sympathy is with all the Royal family, Remember your memories and they will get you through the difficult days ahead.
My prayers are with you all.
It made me very sad as I was 5 years old and in England with my mum when it was her coronation.

Marilyn - Lloydminster Sask
2022-09-18 19:34:07

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, I hope you’re happy and well wherever you are. You inspire me and I will be saddened that I never had the opportunity to meet you. I just want to say that I respect you and that your reign will never be forgotten. You were seen and believed. You were a strong and wise woman. Rest easy Queen Elizabeth. God save the Queen!

Sherri M - Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada
2022-09-18 19:33:55


Edward - Dundas Ontario Canada
2022-09-18 19:33:36

Rest in peace, your Majesty. God bless & comfort your soul and the Royal Family. God Bless The Queen and God Save The King.

Charlie - Brossard, Quebec
2022-09-18 19:33:22

Thank you, Your Majesty. Rest in peace.

Valerie Ann - Georgetown, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:31:35

We are praying that God will comfort you during this time. The Queen served us well.

Laurie Slingerland - Kingsville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:31:25

My most sincere condolences go to The Queen's family for their loss. Ever since I was a young girl I admired Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stoic grace and leadership is inspirational for my generation, and The Queen's legacy will carry on for generations to come. I will continue to teach my students about the great Queen who was our Head of State and the longest reigning monarch of Britain. Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Lydia - Valley, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 19:31:18

Our condolences to King Charles III and the rest of the royal family. My sister and I were lucky to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip when they came through Guelph, Ontario Canada in 1973. The Queen was a great Monarch and will be missed by many around the world. May she rest in peace. God save the Queen.
God save the King.

Rosemarie - Bayfield, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:31:09

Sending my deepest sympathies to the Royal Family. May you now know how much Queen Elizabeth II meant to the world and the many people of the Commonwealth. She was an amazing person who seemed to have an epic sense of humour. May you find comfort in each others company and mourn with the world. Best of luck to King Charles.

Steve - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:31:01

Rest In Peace, your majesty.

Raphina Ghosn - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-18 19:30:58

Our condolences to the Royal Family.
Rest in Peace “Your Majesty”

Charlene - Tillsonburg, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:30:54

We are praying that God will comfort you during this time. The Queen served us well.

Stephen Slingerland - Kingsville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:30:34

It is with deepest sympathy and condolences that I write this.
Even though we knew your age and that your time was limited, the news of your death was still shocking.
You have been the only Queen I know and maybe the only one I will live to see.
Thank you for your service and sense of duty. You were a remarkable woman and an amazing leader. You will truly be missed.
An end of an era has concluded.
Rest in Peace, your majesty.

Barry Knapp and Family - Cumberland, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:30:26

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II

Kyra - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-18 19:29:21

We are praying that God will comfort you during this time. The Queen served us well.

Marlene Slingerland - Kingsville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:29:15

Her remarkable life as a our Queen echoed into the lives of our generation. Her work and steadfast approach to life is an inspiration to me and many others. I know that she will be remembered as a woman of great strength and perseverance, especially in troubling times. I send my deepest sympathies to her family and the rest of the commonwealth. May her grace and life’s work continue to inspire us all. Thank you, Ma’am.

Jhendhee - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-18 19:28:49

A life lived well. A loss so deeply felt. Peacefully rest dear Queen.

Sylvia - Newmarket, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:28:36

We are praying that God will comfort you during this time. The Queen served us well.

Hendrik Slingerland - Kingsville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:28:25

I offer my deepest condolences with great admiration and respect.

Debra M - Langley BC
2022-09-18 19:28:14

Pour son dévouement remarquable, elle est une source d’inspiration inestimable.

Valerie - Blainville, Québec
2022-09-18 19:28:10

I wish to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Royal family. Thoughts and prayers.

I thank the Queen for her great lifelong service to the people.

Leizyl Sobrinho - Stouffville, Ontario
2022-09-18 19:27:36

i wish that the family finds peace for the loss of this woman. rest and peace.

angeles flores montiel - toronto ontario
2022-09-18 19:27:26

A monarch of unparalleled duty and devotion. A woman of compassion, humor and warmth. Wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother of such love and commitment. She lived what she believed. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Shelley & Delwyn - Outlook, Saskatchewan
2022-09-18 19:27:05


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