Environment & natural resources

Information about Canada's weather, pollution, agriculture, fishing and hunting requirements, and energy-efficiency, products and homes.




Check current conditions, short- and long-term forecasts and public weather alerts, access marine forecasts, the Air Quality Health Index and historical climate data.


Find information on soil, water and climate conditions across Canada. Learn about farming practices to preserve land and water resources while managing weather-related risks.

Fishing and hunting

Find the regulations and licensing information by province/territory, as well as season openings and closures and aquaculture information.

Wildlife, plants & species

Learn more about Canada’s biodiversity and wildlife, migratory birds, our species at risk, aquatic plants and species, and invasive species.

Pollution and waste management

Get information on the measures taken to track and reduce pollution and waste.

Fuel and energy efficiency

For fuel efficiency rating of vehicles, energy-efficient homes and ENERGY STAR® appliances, or fuel prices.

Energy, forests and mining

Learn about Canadian energy sources, the benefits of Canada’s forests, or Canada’s mining industry and national certifications.

Conserve, restore and connect with nature

Find about the National Conservation Plan and how to play a role in ensuring the ecosystems are part of healthy and sustainably managed natural landscapes and seascapes.

Environmental assessment

Find information on projects subject to the environmental assessment process.


Soil fingerprinting: opening doors to improved soil monitoring

Soil quality directly affects crop yields and sustainable agricultural production.

National Pollutant Release Inventory

This inventory helps identify pollution prevention priorities.

Aquatic species at risk

Recovery strategies for aquatic species at risk.

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