Environment and natural resources

Environment and natural resources

Weather, climate change, agriculture, wildlife, energy, natural resources, pollution, environmental protection and fishing.


Services and information

Services and information

Weather and hazards

Current conditions, forecasts, historical data, alerts, natural hazards.

Climate change

Canada’s action, climate future, partnerships, adaptation, health, science, emissions reporting.


Energy-efficient homes and vehicles, green energy, fuel prices in your area.

Natural resources

Canada’s natural resources, water, forests and mining industry.

Agricultural production tools and data

Interactive maps, tools, practices and technologies relevant to production in agriculture. Weather, drought, land and water, geospatial products.

Environment and sustainability in agriculture

Climate change mitigation, farming practices, environmental impacts and indicators.


Licences, permits and funding programs related to fishing, aquaculture and marine mammal harvest.

Wildlife, plants and species

Biodiversity, species at risk, aquatic species, migratory birds, wildlife research.

Pollution and waste management

Find out about ways to track and reduce pollution and waste.

Environmental conservation and protection

Sustainability, oceans, environmental assessments, protected areas, environmental funding, enforcement.

Environment statistics

Data, tools and reports providing the latest information on the environment in Canada.

Water and the environment

Water quantity, freshwater quality, cleaning up our lakes and rivers, water science, sustainability indicators, marine water quality, protecting water.

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