Health information including food, nutrition, diseases, vaccination, drugs, health products, product safety, health and safety, healthy living, Indigenous health, health system, science.

Services and information

Food and nutrition

Canada's food guide, labels, nutrition research, recalls and safety standards, healthy eating, supplemented foods.

Drug and health products

Drugs and medication, licences, natural health products, side effects, recalls and complaints, self-care products.

Vaccines and immunization

COVID-19, infants, children, adults, pregnancy, travel, vaccine preventable disease, safety, and side effects.

Diseases and conditions

Symptoms, risks, and how to prevent, treat and manage disease and illness.

Health system and services

Health cards, healthcare system, funding, and training.

Product safety

Consumer products and cosmetics, recalls and alerts, chemical safety, pest control products.

Healthy living

Mental health, being active, substance use, smoking, vaping and tobacco, health and the environment, pregnancy, infant, child and youth health, aging, dental and oral health.

Health risks and safety

Recalls and alerts, workplace health and safety, public health notices, home safety, biosafety and biosecurity, radiation, violence and abuse, emergency preparedness.

Science, research, and data

Data, health science and research, determinants of health, monitoring and surveillance, health statistics.

Indigenous health

Health care services, non-insured health benefits (NIHB), careers, drug and substance use, environmental health, food safety, pregnancy.


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Canadian Dental Care Plan

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Travel vaccines

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