Policing, justice and emergencies

Policing, justice and emergencies

Learn how we are keeping Canadians safe, how our justice system works, how to prepare your family for an emergency and where to find services for victims of crime.

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Corrections, justice, laws and parole


Learn how we are keeping Canadians safe.


Access information about family law, Canada's youth justice system, criminal conviction reviews, and extradition and mutual legal assistance.


Canadians and communities are encouraged to learn about the specific risks and hazards in their regions and the actions they can take to help minimize risks, reduce the impact of a disaster and recover following an incident.


Learn about the correctional system in Canada and how we assist with the rehabilitation and the safe reintegration of offenders, serving two years or more, into the community.

Parole, record suspension, expungement and clemency

Find information on parole, how to apply for a record suspension or for an expungement order, and the exercise of clemency (Royal Prerogative of Mercy) in Canada.

Victims of crime

Access victim services and resources, and information on corrections and parole concerning federal offenders.

Crime and justice statistics

Data, tools and reports providing information on Canada’s crime and justice statistics.

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