National security and defence

How we protect and defend Canada, its citizens and infrastructure. Military history, ranks, equipment and operations. Border, transportation and cyber security.

Services and information

National security

Counter-terrorism, security screenings, protecting critical infrastructure, counter proliferation

Canadian Armed Forces

Military jobs, history, pay, benefits, ranks, equipment, operations, medals

Jobs in national security and defence

Apply for civilian jobs in security intelligence, border services, defence and public safety. Join the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP

Services and benefits

Pay, pension, benefits, services and training for military members

Cyber security

Devices, home and business networks, protect your identity and money, online safety, cyberbullying

Defence equipment purchases and upgrades

Summary of the information or tasks that can be accomplished on the sub-topic page. Remove prose or promotional messaging. Use action verbs.

Securing the border

Screening people and goods, report suspicious cross-border activity, border services wanted list

Transportation security

Aviation, marine, rail and road security


Our North, Strong and Free

A Renewed Vision for Canada’s Defence

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