Science and innovation

Science and innovation

Scientific research, funding, datasets, innovation support, facilities and educational resources.


Services and information


Find out how the Government of Canada is building Canada's biomanufacturing capacity

Research funding and awards

Funding and awards for scientific research, research infrastructure and research networks

Science subjects

Government research and resources on a wide variety of scientific topics

Open data, statistics and archives

Government data, statistics, analyses and archival information to assist with research and discovery

Research institutes and facilities

Government research centres across Canada and how to partner with or access these facilities

R&D and innovation

Funding, collaboration, commercialization and licensing resources to help fuel innovation

Intellectual property and copyright

Protecting your intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and using IP as a business tool

Directory of scientists and research professionals

A directory of government scientists and research professionals

Science education resources

Activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help youth learn about science and technology

Our environment

Resources to take action to fight climate change and protect the environment

Federal Open Science Repository of Canada

The federal repository of scientific articles and publications from participating science-based departments and agencies


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