Dare to discuss

Initiating a discussion on official languages

  • What do you think of the views and stories presented in the video? Have you experienced similar situations?
  • How does or how could being bilingual help you?
  • Have you consulted resources to learn more about official languages in the workplace? Which ones?
  • Who would you turn to for more information on official languages?

Understanding the current situation

  • Are you aware of your colleagues' or employees' preferred language of work? Which language do you feel most comfortable using at work? Why?
  • How are activities usually conducted in our workplace? Is there a tendency for one language to predominate?
  • Do you face challenges that prevent you from using the official language of your choice at work? Do you have any ideas for solutions to overcome them?
  • How comfortable do you feel using your second official language at work? If you do not feel comfortable, why? How could we help you to dare? Do you have any ideas for activities that would help you better use your second language or improve your language skills?

Creating a shared vision

  • What would the ideal workplace look like with respect to official languages? What are the key elements?
  • In our team, where should we now focus our efforts to improve the use of official languages?
  • In concrete terms, how could we better respect the language choices of all our team members? What steps should be taken next? How will we measure progress?
  • Personally, what role would you be willing to play to improve the respect and promotion of official languages in your workplace?


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