Military films

Military films

Military history films that commemorate Canada’s participation in the wars of the last 6 centuries. Includes archival footage of recruitment campaigns, news broadcasts and equipment tests.


Film types


The Battle of the Châteauguay

Epic battle scenes recreated in this dramatic short film about the Battle of the Châteauguay.

Canada and the American Revolution (1763-1783)

Increasing tensions between the Americans and Canadians in the lead up to the American Revolution.

Children of Soldiers

Emotional documentary about the lives of Canadian families whose members serve overseas.

The Enemy Within

The story of a German prisoner of war who fondly recounts his experiences in a Canadian POW camp.

The Fate of America

Two well-known Quebec artists discuss the artistic representation of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

Fields of Sacrifice

Poetic documentary honouring Canadian sacrifice during the First and Second World Wars.

Front Lines

Dramatic readings of letters and diary entries written by Canadians who served during the First World War (WW1).

Good Morning Kandahar

Documentary from 2008 on the concerns of young Afghan-Canadians during the war in Afghanistan.

John McCrae’s War: In Flander’s Fields

The life and work of Canadian hero John McCrae.

The Kid Who Couldn’t Miss

The story of Canadian airman Billy Bishop, one of the leading fighter pilots of the First World War (WW1).

Land of the Morning Calm

Comprehensive report of Canada’s participation in the Korean War, presented in the style of a news broadcast.

Lost Over Burma: Search for Closure

Mission to search for the remains of 6 RCAF members lost delivering food during the Second World War (WW2).

Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis

Docudrama on Mackenzie King’s difficult decision to impose conscription during the Second World War (WW2).

Madwoman of God

Feature-length film telling the story of Marie de l’Incarnation, the first female writer of New France.

My Park, My Plains

Short documentary showing how the Plains of Abraham has evolved from a battlefield to a historic site.

New England and New France

Documentary about the tensions that arose between New England and New France.

The Other Side of the Ledger

Film on the history of the trade relationship between the Hudson’s Bay Company and its Indigenous suppliers.

A Question of Identity: War of 1812

How the War of 1812 affected the pioneer settlements of the Upper St Lawrence and Niagara regions.

Rosies of the North

Canadian women recalling their work in the factories during the Second World War (WW2).

Samuel de Champlain

Short film telling the story of Samuel de Champlain’s life in the new settlement.

They Chose China

Feature length documentary about 21 American soldiers who chose to stay in China after the Korean War ended.

A War Story

The true story of Ben Wheeler, a Canadian doctor held captive in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp during Second World War (WW2).

And We Knew How to Dance

Canadian women recalling their experiences in the male-dominated world of factory work during the First World War (WW1).

With the Canadians in Korea

Documentary on the experiences of Canadian soldiers on the front lines during the Korean War.

Wolfe and Montcalm

Reenactment of the tense hours before the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, and the battle itself.

Women are Warriors

Short film showcasing the important roles of women around the world during the Second World War (WW2).

Archival films

Airplane Casualties

Footage of Canadian aircraft performing standard military procedures during the First World War (WW1).

Battle of Arras 3

Footage of artillery fire, troop movements and explosions on the battlefield at the Battle of Arras.

Birth of a Giant

The conception, construction and testing of the Canadair Argus.

Blue Vanguard

The United Nations’ role in restoring peace in the Middle East after the Suez Crisis.

Canadians Advance Near Cambrai 3

Short silent film from 1918 showing the devastating effects of shelling.

Churchill’s Island

Oscar® winning documentary short on the military strategy used by the allies in the Battle of Britain.

Proudly She Marches

Report on how Canadian women were trained in their military divisions during the Second World War (WW2).

Train Busters

Canada’s role in the Allied air strategy of hitting the German army's nerve centres.

Wasp Wings

The important role of Spitfire fighter aircraft during the Second World War (WW2).

Welcome Soldier

The programs created to help Canadian Second World War (WW2) veterans return to civilian life.

Wings on her Shoulders

Information on the Woman's Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF of 1943.

Zero Hour

The preparation, strategy and planning of the great Allied invasion of Northwest Europe in 1944.


Canada Remembers Part I

Part 1 of a 3-part series documenting the years between the outbreak of the Second World War (WW2) in September 1939 and June 1944.

Canada Remembers Part II

Part 2 of the series documenting the period between June and December 1944.

Canada Remembers Part III

Part 3 of the series focusing on the final phase of the Second World War (WW2) in 1945 and the war’s aftermath.

The Van Doos in Afghanistan

Series of clips from the feature-length documentary following the soldiers of the Royal 22e Régiment.

News reels

BGen Rockingham expresses pride in an undefeated Canadian brigade

Archival footage of the Canadian brigade celebrating the arrival of new troops to the Korean front.

The Canadian brigade fights alongside UN forces

Archival footage of the Canadian brigade fighting alongside UN forces in the Korean War.

Formation of the First Commonwealth Division

Archival footage of a broadcast aired on July 28th, 1951, showcasing the formation of the First Commonwealth Division.

Korean War Newsreel

Archival footage of the Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders playing hockey on the frozen Imjin River.

Video clips

The Afghanistan mission

Short video clips featuring active and retired Forces members discussing their experiences while serving in Afghanistan.

Animation films

Dreams of a Land

Animated drawings that illustrate the life and explorations of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Québec City.

The Story of H.M.S. Shannon

Musical animated short about an incident at sea thath took place during the War of 1812.

The Trenches

Animated short about an attack on Canadian soldiers during the First World War (WW1).


Madwoman of God

Feature-length film telling the story of Marie de l’Incarnation, the first female writer of New France.

Front Lines: Faith and Hope

Short documentary reflecting on how faith became a solace to many Canadians serving in the First World War (WW1).

The Fate of America

Two well-known Quebec artists discuss the artistic representation of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

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