Educational resources about Canada and the Korean War

Educational resources about Canada and the Korean War

Educational resources, including lesson plans, for teachers. Students learn about key battles in the Korean War, and Canada's contribution.


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Lesson plan: understanding the conflict

Resources to help teach students about the Korean War.

Lesson plan: the forgotten Battle of Kapyong

Lesson plan to teach about one of the toughest battles in the Korean War.

Lesson plan: remembering the forgotten war

Lesson plan to teach students about how we memorialize war.

Fact sheet for educators

Ten quick Korean War facts for teachers and students.

Animals afloat in the Korean War

Live navy mascots during the Korean War.

Canada Remembers: A War for Peace (video)

Personal story of a Korean War Veteran.

What we are doing


They Chose China (film)

Two men sitting at a table in front of a microphone

Watch this feature length documentary about 21 American soldiers who chose to stay in China after the Korean War ended.

Books of Remembrance

The books remembrance memorial chamber room

Find information about the seven Books of Remembrance, found in the Memorial Chamber on Parliament Hill.

Monument to Canadian Fallen

Life size sculpture of a soldier holding a baby and his left hand is on the shoulder of a young boy who is standing beside him

Learn about this commemorative monument, located at the United Nations Memorial cemetery in Busan.

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