Accessibility Standards Canada and CSA Group Collaborate on Three New Standards

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November 30, 2021
Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario          
Accessibility Standards Canada
CSA Group

Accessibility Standards Canada and CSA Group are proud to announce that they are collaborating on the development of three accessibility standards. Both organizations are excited to be sharing their expertise and resources to improve accessibility standards across Canada. This collaboration includes:

  1. ASC/CSA B651.2, Accessible design for automated banking machines and self-service interactive devices;
  2. ASC/CSA B651, Accessible design for the built environment; and,
  3. ASC/CSA B652, Accessible homes.


Accessible design for automated banking machines and self-service interactive devices (ASC/CSA B651.2)

This standard will focus on technical requirements for accessibility and usability of:

  • automated banking machines (ABMs),
  • ABM sites, and
  • other self-service interactive devices intended for public use.

This standard will combine requirements of two existing CSA Group Standards:

  • CAN/CSA-B651.1:09 (R2020), Accessible design for automated banking machines; and
  • CAN/CSA-B651.2-07 (R2017), Accessible design for self-service interactive devices.

Accessible design for the built environment (ASC/CSA B651)

This will be a new edition of a previous standard. It will provide updates on:

  • exterior environment;
  • circulation (including elevators, escalators, and moving walkways);
  • tactile walking surface indicators;
  •  interior rooms (washrooms, kitchens); and,
  • emergency egress.

This standard is referenced in the National Building Code and other legislation across Canada.

Accessible homes (ASC/CSA B652)

This National Standard of Canada is already in development by CSA Group, with funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. It will help set the standard for affordable, adaptable, and accessible homes.

The standard will look at the home in a more holistic way. It will provide evidence-informed guidance and best practices for design, construction, and modification of homes.


“Accessibility standards are critical to building a barrier-free Canada. Through the review of existing standards and development of new accessibility standards, CSA Group is dedicated to ensuring that our standards will better address the barriers faced by Canadians. Combining resources and coming to the table with complementary knowledge and expertise is the best way to achieve our common goals. We are confident that our collaboration with Accessibility Standards Canada will only serve to strengthen the process and final product.”

– Mary Cianchetti, President, Standards, CSA Group

“Accessibility Standards Canada is committed to developing standards focused on equitable technical requirements. To achieve this, we strongly believe in the principle of ‘Nothing without us’. It is at the core of everything we do. This means that we include persons with disabilities in every step of our work. We are proud to collaborate with CSA Group in contributing to a more inclusive and barrier-free Canada.”

– Philip Rizcallah, Chief Executive Officer, Accessibility Standards Canada

Quick facts

  • Input from Canadians is vital to the development of effective accessibility standards that remove and prevent barriers.

  • Each standard will be available for public review.

  • The public review process will begin in early 2022 with the review of ASC/CSA B651.2.

  • Accessibility Standards Canada and CSA Group are committed to working with people with disabilities and contributing to a barrier-free Canada.

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