8 Air Reserve Flight

The 8 Air Reserve Flight (8 AR Flt) has provided augmented staff to support 8 Wing’s missions and goals since 1976 at CFB Trenton, Ontario. The Flight has a Primary Reserve establishment of five full-time and five part-time personnel, who administer (on average) 250 integral and lodger reservists at 8 Wing.

Opportunities to join the Air Reserves are not only restricted to former members of the Regular Force. Our Flight Recruiting cell targets both ab-initio (direct enrollment) personnel, as well as existing talent from the Regular force to join our team. Our focus is to maintain the diverse skill sets required to provide continued support to the RCAF.

The part-time reservist can expect to work an average of 12 days per month, although in some cases, employment can be approved up to 365 days. The purpose of this work is to train the reservist for potential national emergencies. In reality, because most reservists are already trained, it is the Unit Commanders who benefit from the retained expertise and the contributions of our most experienced members.

The 8 AR Flt office is open during normal working hours.

If you are considering part-time employment in the Air Reserves, give us a call at 613-392-2811 ext. 2956. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss future employment opportunities.

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