Flight Comment magazine

Flight Comment is the flight safety magazine of the Canadian Forces. It covers lessons learned, instructional articles and reports on accidents that are designed for the entire aviation community to use in the prevention of accidents through the recognition of threats and the solutions.

Flight Comment is produced up to four times a year by the Directorate of Flight Safety. The contents do not necessarily reflect official policy and, unless otherwise stated, should not be construed as regulations, orders or directives. Contributions, comments and constructive criticism are welcomed. Contributions become the property of Flight Comment and may be edited for content, length or format.

This publication or its contents may not be reproduced without the editor’s approval.

Electronic copies of Flight Comment Issues are available on the Internet at the publisher website http://flightcomment.ca. You may also directly request a copy from DFS by sending an e-mail to dfs.dsv@forces.gc.ca.

Send submissions or request to receive Flight Comment to dfs.dsv@forces.gc.ca

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