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Magazine Article / November 21, 2019

Update on the New Air Operations Support Technician Occupation (MOSID 00386)

In the June PERSpectives issue, we told you about the Air Operations Support Technician (AOS Tech), an exciting new occupation that will be the first of its kind with its ranks filled exclusively by Reservists. This signifies a true paradigm shift in the RCAF’s human resources planning, operational work structuring, as well as training.

So, where will these new members come from? Unlike the majority of RCAF Reservists you see today, who are mostly ex-Regular Force members who’ve transferred to the Reserve, the AOS Tech occupation is conceived, structured and designed to appeal to people without previous military experience who wish to serve, but whose lives or circumstances don’t allow for a full-time career. These may be college or university students, or folks with other part-time jobs. They may be military spouses who want part-time employment due to family obligations, or adult dependents who often face unemployment when the family is posted. Each could find a home as part of the AOS Tech occupation that will be flexible enough to suit individual schedules and availability, while offering secure employment and an opportunity to contribute to RCAF operations.

Operationally speaking, this new occupation is meant to address capacity and capability gaps across the RCAF by employing part-time personnel and providing them with enough training to perform important, but less technical tasks, freeing up our highly trained full-time members to concentrate on their core duties – all with the aim of enhancing unit and Wing operating efficiency. They will be employed in the areas of aircraft maintenance support (servicing roles and elementary maintenance tasks), while also performing airfield security duties as part of the Wing Auxiliary Security Force (WASF). Some AOS Techs will also support Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

A flexible training model is being developed that will be capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of individual circumstances and varying availability for training. Following Basic Military Qualification (BMQ), the AOS Techs’ training will be largely decentralized, localized and modularized to ensure maximum flexibility with minimum time away from their home base. At the same time, this will keep costs down and minimize the impact on already overstretched training schools. The techs will gain new skills, experiences and training through a building-block approach that is tailored to availability, motivation, interest and abilities.

Look for an AOS Tech near you! Active recruiting is already under way in Trenton and Comox, and current planning has the occupation growing to a total of 150, with new members to be based out of Bagotville, Greenwood, and Shearwater. Speak with your local RCAF Reserve Flight for more information.

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