Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre

The Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre (RCAF AWC) is the centre of excellence for leading modern advances to techniques, technology, innovation and concepts for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), while also acting as its steward for history and heritage. Due to the unique composition of experience and capabilities it provides a multitude of specialist services and courses supporting the creation of doctrine, professional courses, synthetic environments, operational testing and evaluation, and electronic warfare support.

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The organizational structure of the RCAF AWC.

The RCAF’s collection of contemporary air power publications.

The vision and mission of the RCAF AWC.

The history of the RCAF AWC since 2005.

Contact the RCAF AWC.

RCAF history and heritage

History and heritage of the RCAF and the RCAF Reserve, including aircraft and their crew

RCAF and space

The RCAF is the authority for the Department of National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces Joint and Combined Space Program

Canada's Defence Policy

Discover how the Defence Policy will shape Canada’s role in the world

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