Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Reserve is an important part of the Air Force Team. Reservists are ordinary citizens who volunteer to devote a portion of their free time to military service.

In the Air Force, Reservists serve as partners with members of the Regular Force to accomplish the Air Force mission. Air Reservists are actively involved in the vast spectrum of Air Force activities including: surveillance and control of Canadian airspace; world-wide airlift of Canadian Forces personnel and material; support to the Navy and Army; support to other government departments; search and rescue; and humanitarian operations. The RCAF Reserve is commanded by the Chief of the Air Staff.

The primary role of the RCAF Reserve, as stated in the 1994 White Paper, is to augment, sustain, and support deployed forces. The RCAF Reserve provides support to the Force in ongoing peacetime tasks as well as deployed operations. The RCAF Reserve also serves as a basis for national mobilization and acts as a military link to the community.

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