10 Field Technical Training Squadron

10 Field Technical Training Squadron (10 FTTS) was formed at 4 Wing Cold Lake in 1961 to conduct technical training on the CF-104 Starfighter aircraft. Since that time, 10 FTTS has also provided training on the CF-5 Freedomfighter, the CT-33 Silver Star, and starting in 1982, the CF-18 Hornet.

Our Mission: 10 FTTS will support CF-18 fighter aircraft operations by training highly effective technicians ready to meet any maintenance challenge in the fields of avionics and aviations systems, doing so in both official languages.

10 FTTS has a tradition of using state-of-the art instructional technology, including Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) and the Integrated Maintenance Training System (IMTS). The IMTS provides a virtual CF-18 aircraft that can simulate a wide variety of malfunctions and maintenance procedures.

All courses contain substantial hands-on training, using both the IMTS and the CF-18 aircraft.


HABILIS FACERE (To Make Proficient)

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