12 Air Maintenance Squadron

Buan-Leanaltas (Perseverance) Significance: The lion represents the squadron’s ties with Nova Scotia and with Scotland. The naval cord and waves represent the maritime environment familiar to the Maritime Helicopter community and the saltire, or “X”, recalls St-Andrew, the Nova Scotia flag and also the blades of the helicopter. The unofficial motto of the organization had, for years, been Perseverance. To further emphasize the squadron’s association with Nova Scotia and the RCAF’s association with the Lord Lyon of Scotland, the motto was translated into Gaelic.

The mission of 12 Air Maintenance Squadron (AMS) is to maximize aircraft availability. As such, 12 AMS provides first- and second-line maintenance support and services to the CH-148 Cyclone fleet, ashore as well as deployed on HMC Ships and basic Force Generation.

The squadron’s expertise enables it to provide excellent products and services to the Wing. Aircraft maintenance activities include on-aircraft servicing, armament repair, avionics, aviation life support equipment and components, and providing logistics support to the Wing. The organization is comprised of some 320 professionals and, in partnership with other units at the Wing, plays a key role in providing combat-ready Wings for the Fleet.

12 Air Maintenance Squadron
PO Box 99000 Stn Forces
Halifax NS B3K 5X5

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