12 Radar Squadron

With the closing of Canadian Forces Station Mont Apica in 1993, 12 Radar Squadron (12 RS) moved to 3 Wing Bagotville where it provides the radar cover required under the fighter aircrew training program and plays a part in fulfilling Canada's commitments to NORAD.

On May 21, 1998, the squadron, henceforth to be considered a deployment unit, was assigned an operational status.

In order to perform this role, the members of 12 RS must be ready to deploy on 72-hour notice and provide the required surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 30 consecutive days once on the ground in the designated area of operations.

The mission of the Squadron is to ensure the tactical control and/or surveillance of air operations from any location on the globe as assigned by 1 Canadian Air Division/NORAD Canadian Region. 12 RS can be used in peace time if there is a crisis or in war time in support of national sovereignty missions, domestic/NATO/NORAD operations and exercises, smuggling interdiction operations and other activities in support of national interests.

In garrison, members of 12 RS are busy controlling the Aircraft of the Tactical Fighter Squadrons (TFS) of 3 Wing. The TPS-70 radar system is in place at Lac Castor, 35 km north of Bagotville, where the technicians of 12 RS work everyday. Radar data and radio communications are sent from Lac Castor to the operations centre located at the wing using microwave technology. 22 Radar Control Wing at North Bay, Ontario, receives the same information from the ComSat system through the Anik E1 satellite orbiting in space.

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