2 Air Movements Squadron

2 Air Movements Squadron (2 Air Mov Sqn), was established in 1951 to provide trained, experiences personnel to support Wing flying operations as well as airlift activity on deployed operations "Anywhere In The World". In 2006, 2 Air Movements Squadron became the Royal Canadian Air Force’s sole remaining air movements squadron and the CF’s largest employer of Traffic Technicians and Air Movements Officers. In addition, the squadron is the primary force generator for Traffic Technicians selected to become Loadmasters throughout the air mobility fleet.

The Squadron operates from Building 66 and the passenger terminal at 8 Wing Trenton, and is responsible for providing safe and efficient processing of passengers, baggage, freight and mail originating, staging through or terminating at 8 Wing Trenton. Members are responsible for organizing, packaging and loading a wide range of cargo from pallets to vehicles, even other aircrafts.

An average of 36 million pounds of freight and 42,000 passengers are processed through 2 Air Movements Squadron annually. The Squadron support almost all major deployments and exercises by the Canadian Armed Forces.

In addition to the constant airlift support at 8 Wing, 2 Air Mov Sqn maintains a deployable capability with four, 10-person Mobile Air Movements Sections (MAMS). Deployments in Canada and abroad serve to prepare these teams in preparation for any contingencies or wartime operations.

Members of 2 AMS are proud of their motto "Nunquam non Paratus" (Never Unprepared).

2 Air Movements Unit (2 AMU) was originally formed on 1 April 1951 at RCAF Station Lachine at Dorval Airport. Its role was the efficient and economical handling of passengers, freight and mail as well as support to 426 Squadron with Air Traffic Assistants (later called Loadmasters). The Unit operated with two line crews who worked a schedule of 24 hours on and 24 hours off duty loading aircraft.

During its early years, the Unit was involved in the Korean Airlift, many Leap Frog Operations, Northern Re-supply, and the Suez Canal Crisis In 1952, with the addition of the C-119 Flying Boxcar to the RCAF, the Unit was equipped with forklifts, carts and pallets for its aircraft loading responsibilities. The Unit was moved to a larger facility at Dorval Airport in 1956, only to be left homeless in 1957 as a result of a fire that completely destroyed the terminal. 2 Air Movements Unit soon moved to Trenton, Ontario in 1959. Concurrently with the move to Trenton, The RCAF acquired the Yukon Aircraft. Its arrival marked the commencement of regular transatlantic passenger and cargo flights. This resulted in thousands of tons of freight and thousands of passengers transiting through 2 AMU facilities each year.

By the late 1960s, three Mobile Air Movements Sections (MAMS) were established at Trenton to support the increased frequency of global operations. The teams deployed extensively on operations such as Operation Boxtop (the re-supply of CFS Alert) and Operation Snowgoose (the rotation of Canadian troops to/from Cyprus). In 1975, a new cargo terminal was established in 1 Hanger, with modern scales and a rollerized floor

Later that year, the AMU also received Royal Assent for its crest and motto NUNQUAM NON PARATUS - NEVER UNPREPARED. The Unit participated in almost every operation undertaken by Air Transport Group in the 1970's and 1980's. Notably, the Unit received a Chief of the Defense Staff Commendation for its significant contribution to Operations FRICTION, SCIMITAR and SCALPEL in 1991. The Unit name was changed to 2 Air Movements Squadron on the 1st April 1992 with the adaptation of the Wing concept within the Air Force.

Today, 2 Air Movements Squadron processes an average of 36 million pounds of freight, baggage and mail and 42,000 passengers annually. The Squadron operates from 1 and 2 Hangers as well as from a new passenger emplaning facility, which opened in 1997. The Squadron continues to live up to its proud tradition of supporting airlift operations and contributing to 8 Wing's global Air Mobility mandate.

2 Air Movements Squadron
8 Wing Trenton
PO Box 1000 Stn Forces
Trenton ON K0K 3W0

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