426 Transport Training Squadron

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426 Transport Training Squadron carries out 80 to 125 classes of 25 different courses every year to generate operationally effective air mobility aircrew and technicians in support of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations. The squadron also has dedicated personnel assigned to provide operational test and evaluation and system support to Air Mobility fleets. 426 Squadron graduates approximately 420 personnel annually.

In 1995, the Squadron’s school underwent extensive renovations and acquired state-of-the-art computerized training aides.t. In spring 2000, the Squadron completed an upgrade to its OFS-130H flight simulator. The changes included a new motion base, new visual system and upgraded avionics equipment. The Squadron also opened a new building housing the Cargo Compartment Trainer for the CC-130H Hercules.

Anticipating the future needs of the Air Mobility community and the newly procured CC-130J Hercules, the school expanded its facilities in 2012. The Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC) was designed and built to accommodate the latest in aircrew and technician simulation, making it one of the most advanced training facilities in the world. The building serves as the home of 426 Squadron staff, whose job it is to train and prepare aircrew, technicians and aeromedical personnel for employment on the CC-130J, CC-130H, and CC-150 Polaris aircraft.

The complete squadron history is available on the National Defence, Directorate of History and Heritage webpage.

426 Transport Training Squadron
8 Wing - CFB Trenton
PO Box 1000 Station Forces
Astra ON K0K 3W0

426 Squadron (orderly room) commercial telephone number is 613-392-2811 ext. 3311

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