439 Combat Support Squadron

Fangs of Death Significance: The unit adopted the sabre-toothed tiger's head and became known as the "Sabre-toothed Squadron". The fountain is indicative of the fact that the unit was the first squadron to fly Sabre aircraft direct from Canada to the United Kingdom.

The role of a Combat Support Squadron is to provide an immediate response to aircraft emergencies for operational squadrons flying out of 3 Wing Bagotville. As a secondary role, the Squadron can be called on to augment Search and Rescue operations in the region, tasked by the Joint Regional Co-ordination Centre.

The squadron’s crews train continually in order to ensure an extremely high level of proficiency and this often means training with outside agencies like the Canadian Coast Guard, CASERA/SERABEC or local police. The squadron is only able to reach this level of proficiency thanks to the tireless support of its maintenance personnel who are dedicated to keeping the mighty CH-146 flying.

439 combat support squadron’s crews, maintainers and aircraft are also often tasked with supporting Operation LENTUS in the event of domestic natural disasters necessitating the Canadian Armed Forces’ assistance.

439 Fighter Bomber Squadron was formed on December 13, 1943 at Wellingore, England, incorporating Aircraft and personnel from 123 Army Co-operation Squadron. They spent the war in England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. They disbanded at Flensburg, Germany, on August 26, 1945. They reformed at RCAF Station Uplands on September 1,1951 and went to 1 Wing North Luffenham on May 4, 1952, then went to 1 Wing Marville, France, on April 1, 1955.

They were deactivated between 30 November 1963 and February 28, 1964, reactivating on March 1, 1964 as 439 Strike/Attack Squadron. They moved with 3 Wing to Lahr, Germany on April 1, 1967, then to CFB Baden-Soellingen, Germany in 1971 as 439 Tactical Fighter Squadron. The squadron disbanded in November 1984 and reformed in November 1985 with the CF-18. They were disbanded at Baden-Soellingen on May 15, 1993 and reactivated shortly after at 3 Wing Bagotville as 439 Combat Support Squadron.

The complete squadron history is available from the National Defence Directorate of History and Heritage.

439 Combat Support Squadron
CFB Bagotville
PO 5000 Succ Head Office
Alouette QC G0V 1A0

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