8 Air Maintenance Squadron

CONJUNCTIS VIRIBUS (With combined powers) Significance: Sleipner (SlayPneer) symbolizes transportation and sure flight. The many legs signify the many sections within 8 Air Maintenance Squadron. The fact there are eight legs ensures he is easily identified with 8 Wing Trenton. He is rearing - ready to go..

8 Air Maintenance Squadron (8 AMS) is responsible for providing mission capable aircraft through safe, efficient maintenance and support to Canadian Armed Forces operations worldwide. 8 AMS is the premiere second line maintenance facility for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Air Mobility and fixed-wing search and rescue (SAR) fleets. The unit supports 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 436 Transport Squadron and 429 Transport Squadron in their operational roles by performing second line maintenance on systems and components for the CC-130H, CC-130J and CC-177 aircraft, as well as performing the C Check preventative inspections on the CC-130J.

Members of 8 AMS work in advanced shops throughout 8 Wing Trenton. The sections include; a metal workshop, refinishing workshop, tire and configuration equipment workshop, Aviation Life Support Equipment workshop, engine and propeller overhaul shop and avionics laboratory. Additionally, 8 AMS serves as the Wing tool control centre and provides armament services to 8 Wing’s flying squadrons as well as military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services to the local region. Working together as a team to meet its diverse missions, 8 AMS members live up to the Squadron’s motto - Conjunctis Viribus (With Combined Powers).

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