Wing Administration and Technical Services Branch


We develop and sustain a professional and motivated force in support of the defence of Canada and North America from air threats. We are improving our operational effectiveness and enhancing the quality of life of our military families. The branch includes the:

  • Administration Flight
    • Wing Orderly Room
    • Wing Coordinator of Official Languages
    • Personnel Selection Coordinator
    • Wing Chapel
    • Wing Accommodations
    • Wing Civilian Human Resources
  • Comptroller
  • Replenishment & Engineering Flight
    • Construction Engineering
    • Food Services
    • Transport & Electrical/Mechanical Engineers
    • Supply
  • Communications & Information Services Flight
  • RCAF Reserve Flight
  • Public Affairs and Imagery Section
  • Personnel Support Programs
  • Wing Environmental Officer
  • Wing Heritage Officer
  • Wing General Safety Officer and
  • Wing Domestic Operations Officer

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