Reporting a military occurrence

The Military Airworthiness Investigation Regulations (MAIRs) sets out mandatory reporting requirements of a military-civilian occurrence. Specific requirements are listed in Section 2 (1) of the MAIRs. The MAIRs requires a person who has direct knowledge of such occurrences to report to the Airworthiness Investigative Authority (AIA). This is done by submitting a form available at this link:

Military Occurrence Report Form (pdf, 66 kB)

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members typically report occurrences through their Unit Flight Safety Officer (UFSO) or Wing Flight Safety Officer (WFSO). This process fulfills the mandatory reporting requirements as set out in the MAIRs, and as such CAF members do not need to use this form if they have already reported an occurrence to the UFSO and/or WFSO. However, if the UFSO and WFSO are not available/reachable the form can be used to report an occurrence.

Sometimes, due to their location or the extent of their injuries, the personnel involved in an occurrence might be transported to a civilian medical facility. The Medical Examination Letter at the link below serves the purpose to clarify the AIA’s legislative powers and what constitutes a medical examination as defined in the Aeronautics Act. The letter is intended for physicians and health practitioners required to conduct such medical examination.

Medical Examination Letter - Military Airworthiness Investigations - Medical Information (pdf, 226kb)

For any questions please contact the Chief Investigator.

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