Joint Rescue Coordination Centre

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) is committed to being a leader in emergency response and alerting systems for Search and Rescue (SAR) providing the country and international community with excellence in Search and Rescue response in preventing loss of life and injury by:

  • Providing early alerting
  • Maintaining and promoting the highest standard in SARSAT monitoring systems
  • Supporting Air distress
  • Marine Distress
  • Supporting Humanitarian calls for help
  • Managing our resources effectively
  • Working collaboratively with our colleagues in both the national and internationally communities

JRCC strives to meet the changing needs of the community for emergency response and believes that by the timely utilization of SAR resources is a corner stone in the nations emergency response system. We can decrease response time lessening suffering and improve the overall effectiveness of the nations emergency services.

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre
8 Wing / CFB Trenton
P.O. Box 1000 Station Forces
Astra ON K0K 3W0

Toll-free (within Canada): 1-800-267-7270
Phone: 613-965-3870

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