Search and Rescue Network Operations Communications Centre

SARNOCC (Search and Rescue Network Operations Communications Centre) is a team of dedicated IT professionals supporting SAR operations. SARNOCC provides IT and communications systems and support to CMCC (Canadian Mission Control Centre), all JRCCs (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre), and all MRSCs (Marine Rescue Sub Centre) across Canada on a high reliability network. Technical support for mission critical operations is available 24/7 through the Duty Technician and available for non-critical systems during normal working hours.

SARNOCC's aim is to provide a high reliability IT infrastructure that has maximum availability and to provide prompt professional support for the infrastructure and software. SARNOCC is committed to ensuring that SAR (search and rescue) operations have access to all mission critical systems at all times, thus allowing SAR controllers timely access to all necessary software and communications during the prosecution of SAR cases.

SARNOCC's duties include providing the technology and support to assist operations in the prosecution of SAR cases. The technology provided includes a nation wide computer network that allows controllers to communicate with each other in real time. This network also provides high speed Internet access so that controllers have access to NavCan (Navigation Canada) and other important aeronautical sites.

SARNOCC also provides support for software such as the SAR Mission Management System, which is a powerful integrated software tool that allows controllers to manage SAR cases in real time.

Software provided and supported by SARNOCC includes a variety of applications needed to perform all necessary tasks by the SAR controllers. This software includes state of the art operating systems, office applications, E-mail, Internet software, and specialty SAR applications.

SARNOCC provides a nation wide, high reliability network utilizing powerful severs, fiber optics, and high speed routing and switching equipment. SARNOCC also monitors, and coordinates maintenance and repairs for the LUT (local user terminal) sites.

For local users SARNOCC provides a variety of leading edge hardware such as high end Dell workstations, large flat panel monitors, and colour laser printers.

SARNOCC provides round-the-clock support for all mission-critical systems and software as well as support for non-critical issues during normal business hours. SARNOCC members monitor all systems and work with SAR operations to help improve the SMMS software.

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