Royal Canadian Air Force Academy

Significance: When it was stood up in 1994, ACPDTC adopted the crest of the Junior Leader School (JLS) Penhold. The crest was retained when the unit was renamed RCAF Academy in 2004. The eagle on a blue field is significant of the Junior Leader School's affiliation with Air Command. The rising sun represents the new horizons and goals attainable by the student, which lead to a brighter future.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Academy (RCAF Academy) was stood-up in 1994 under the umbrella of 16 Wing. The unit provides leadership and management training, broadens awareness of RCAF heritage and develops general service knowledge and professional attributes among non-commissioned members. In the accomplishment of these tasks, the Academy acts as a central location for the delivery of the Basic Air Environmental Qualification (BAEQ), Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ), Primary Air Environmental Qualification (PAEQ), Intermediate Air Environmental Qualification (IAEQ) and Senior Air Supervisor (SAS) courses. The RCAF Academy is also responsible for the design (AEQ Courses), conduct and evaluation of these courses. Over 1000 students per year receive training through this modern institution.

Our mission is to strengthen the air operational advantage by developing proficient leaders through exceptional delivery of comprehensive leadership training and education to all Non-Commissioned Members serving under the RCAF. Our vision is to evolve into a flexible blended learning environment dedicated to preparing non-commissioned leaders to adapt and excel in a transforming, expeditionary, multipurpose Air Force.

Although the Royal Canadian Air Force Academy is relatively young, its roots run deep and spread across Canada.

In the early 1990s, Air Command embarked on a mission to enhance its effectiveness and relevance through base closures and amalgamation of similar activities. To that end, the Junior Leadership schools in Summerside, Prince Edward Island and Penhold, Alberta were closed and their missions assigned to the newly formed Air Command Professional Development and Training Centre (ACPDTC) in Borden.

In addition, the Air Force Indoctrination School Detachment in St-Jean, Quebec and the Canadian Forces School of Air Reserve Training in Penhold also saw their mandates moved to the Training Centre.

The ACPDTC officially opened its doors in 1994, and was renamed the Air Command Academy in October 2004, to better reflect the unit's role and mission.

The RCAF Academy is currently run out of a renovated post-Second World War barrack block. The modern building, state-of-the art audiovisual technology and the latest instructional methodologies provide the forum to prepare today's RCAF members in an ever changing and demanding environment.

Royal Canadian Air Force Academy - General
16 Wing
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