Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations (at Cornwall, ON)

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The Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations (CFSACO) is the only unit of 16 Wing not physically located in Borden. It is located approximately 500 kms away at the NAVCAN Training School in Cornwall, Ontario.

The role of CFSACO is to carry out military aerospace control training. A range of basic and specialty courses and conversion training are offered to Aerospace Control Officers and Aerospace Control Operators. Military members are trained to become either Air Traffic Controller/Operators or Air Weapons Controller/Operators.

Among the many subjects on the course syllabus are airborne weapons, systems, ground control systems and radar, meteorology, radio telephony and procedures, air regulations and navigation orders, Aircraft performance characteristics, command and control directives governing the control of interceptor Aircraft as well as the states of alert.

Success graduates of the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations, once certified at their respective units, will be ready to start their first assignment as Aerospace Controllers/Operators, controlling live aircraft.

CFSACO is collocated with the NAV Canada Training Institute (NCTI) along the St Lawrence River in Cornwall, Ontario. It is approximately one hour's drive from Ottawa and Montreal.

NAV Can is one of the most self-sufficient training complexes in Canada. Its academic side contains classrooms and some of the most advanced Aerospace Control Operations simulators in Canada. The residential side includes over 600 bedrooms, a gym, tennis court, and swimming pool.

From 1957 to 1966, air controllers went to RCAF Station Camp Borden to receive their training at the School of Flying Control.

In the wake of unification (1966), Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden became home to Air Training Wing followed by the Air Traffic Control Company of the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Ordnance and Engineering (CFSAOE) from 1968 until 1979.

March 23, 1979 marked the beginning of a new era for controller training and the end of an era in Borden. Following the government's decision to share air traffic control facilities between Transport Canada and DND, the Air Traffic Control Training Company of CFSAOE was moved to the Transport Canada Training Institute (TCTI) in Cornwall, Ontario. The first officer course graduated in November 1979.

Initially, the school was a unit of CFB Kingston. Later, it was transferred to CFB Ottawa, then to 7 Wing and again to CFSU (Ottawa). After the formation of 16 Wing Borden in October 1994, the School of Air Traffic Control was made a unit of 16 Wing.

Another milestone came in 1996 when the School of Air Traffic Control and Air Weapons Control and Countermeasures School amalgamated, unifying controller training by forming the new School of Aerospace and Control operations in Cornwall.

Also in 1996, Bill C-20 came into effect, privatizing most of Transport Canada. This resulted in turning the training institute over to the new company, NAV Canada. Although under new ownership, changes in the institute have had no effect on military training.

On January 9, 2008 CFSACO officially became part of 22 Wing/Canadian Forces Base North Bay, although the move was to be short lived. Following the creation of 2 Canadian Air Division the following year, CFSACO returned under control of 16 Wing Borden on December 10, 2009.

Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations
NAV Canada Training Institute
1950 Montreal Road
Cornwall ON K6H 6L2

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