Jobs in the Army Reserve

The Canadian Army Reserve is an integral part of the Canadian Army and has a long history of making important contributions across the spectrum of operations. From contributing to peace and stability overseas to assisting Canadians here at home, Reservists are a part of every major operation when the Canadian Army is called to serve.

In order to continue to meet Canada’s defence needs, the Army Reserve needs smart, talented Canadians who want to challenge themselves and serve their country, without disrupting their studies or current job.

Over 20,000 strong and with a footprint in over 100 communities throughout Canada, Army Reservists come from all sorts of backgrounds – from young Canadians graduating from high school or entering university or college, to civic-minded Canadians of all ages who have careers outside the Army Reserve in a wide range of civilian occupations.

One very visible part of summer employment with the Army are Public Duties events. These include the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony and the provision of sentries at Rideau Hall during the summer and other public events in the National Capital Region, to include honour guards for arriving dignitaries and funerals at the National Military Cemetery located in Beachwood Cemetery. Public Duties events are highly visible to visiting Canadians and international tourists, and, as such, the Ceremonial Guard is the face of the Canadian Army in Ottawa during the summer. It is a demanding and highly rewarding job.

For more information about the Ceremonial Guard and other Public Duties, visit this webpage:

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