Acting Commander Canadian Army’s Statement on Military Family Appreciation Day

Statement / September 17, 2021 / Project number: ncr-st-2021-09-17-mfad

September 17, 2021 – Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

Major-General M.-H. St-Louis, Acting Commander of the Canadian Army, issued the following statement:

Today we honour those who do not wear the uniform, but still play an absolutely vital role in keeping the Canadian Army Strong, Proud, and Ready: our families.

Change is a constant in the life of a soldier, and it is our families who provide stability on the home front so that we can stay focused on our tasks. Their lives are impacted differently but no less profoundly than those of us who serve. They follow us to each new home and new community, away from what is familiar, where they must find new jobs, forge new connections – all the while ensuring our children are happy and healthy.

As we celebrate all military families, I thank my own home team that makes my service possible. My own years of service would not have been possible without my wife’s ability to make a home out of every one of our postings. Or my kids’ ability to adjust to repeated absences and new beginnings.

You all have much to be proud of and deserve our gratitude - today and every day. Just as you take care of us, the Army is here for you. Please remember always that there are many resources, designed specifically for military families, available should you need support.

Counselling, employment, health and financial services, recreation opportunities, and much more can be found at Never hesitate to reach out to your military family when in need.

On behalf of all the Canadian Army, I extend my gratitude and appreciation to our military families.

Major-General Michel-Henri St-Louis
Acting Commander Canadian Army

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