About the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ)

First established in 1947, the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) is an official publication of the Canadian Army. CAJ is a peer-reviewed journal of ideas and issues, dedicated to professional thought and informed debate on the art and science of land warfare.

The CAJ mandate is to promote the discussion of modern land warfare concepts as well as contemporary defence and security issues relevant to the land environment. CAJ also includes articles on broader military subjects including leadership, ethics, military culture, technology and military history.

We believe CAJ plays a central role in the intellectual health of the Canadian Army by fostering a culture of analytical and strategic thought.

Our aim is to be a venue for the professional military education and development of all ranks and personnel in the Canadian Army, as well as for readers from other environments, government agencies and academia concerned with both our army and the wider field of defence and security affairs. We are also committed to the inclusion of traditionally under-represented voices in the field of security and defence studies.


Opinions expressed in the articles or other submissions which appear in the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) and/or on the CAJ website remain those of the authors and do not represent the official position or policy of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Government of Canada or any of its departments. All published material remains under copyright of the Department of National Defence and may be used only with written permission from the Editor-in-Chief. 

Our Editors

1947–1965                Mr. J. G. “Jack” DeProse
1966–1998                CAJ inactive
1998–2003                Captain John R. Grodzinski, CD
2003–2004                Major Shane B. Schreiber, CD
2004–2005                Major Ted H. Dillenberg, CD
2005–2015                Major Andrew B. Godefroy, CD
2015–2018                Major Chris Young, CD
2018–2019                Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Bell, CD
2019–2020                Major John Bosso, CD
2020–2022                Lieutenant-Colonel Michael A. Rostek, CD, Ph.D., APF
2022–present            Dr. Aditi Malhotra

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