Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS)



The Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) is a designation for two types of medium capacity logistics trucks, which are the primary transportation vehicle for the Canadian Armed Forces. The MSVS SMP are used to transport personnel and equipment during operations, serve as a mobile medical and dental clinic in the field, and can assist in disaster relief by transporting civilians or delivering food and shelter. The MSVS can hold up to 9,500 kg of equipment, and are used by regular force and reserve field units, as well as during overseas deployments. When required, all variants below can be equipped with Armored Protection System (APS) cabs.



  • MSVS SMP Cargo Troop Carrier
  • MSVS SMP Cargo with Material Handling Crane (MHC)
  • MSVS SMP Load Handling System (LHS)
  • MSVS SMP Gun Tractor
  • MSVS SMP Mobile Repair Team (MRT), in four sub-variants:
    • Vehicle
    • Material
    • Weapons
    • Aircraft
  • MSVS SMP Armoured Cab

Specifications (ISC only)


  • Basic weight: 17, 675 kg
  • Armoured Cab: 20, 775 kg


  • Length: 10.26 m
  • Width: 3 m
  • Height: 3.72 m


  • On-road speed: 110 km/h max
  • On-road range: 853 km
  • Maximum grade: 60%
  • Side slope: 30%
  • Fording Depth: 75 cm


  • Type: F-54 Diesel DF-2
  • Capacity: 315 L
  • Consumption: 37 L/ 100 KM


  • Arctic: Yes
  • Add-on armour: Yes


  • Personnel: 3

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