Tracked Light Armoured Vehicle (TLAV)



The high-performance Tracked Light Armoured Vehicle (TLAV) provides a tracked command and control, ambulance, and maintenance and recovery support capability for the Canadian Army. The 400 HP tunable engine (governed down to 350 HP) provides a top speed of 66 km/h. The improved armour and modern rubber band tracks provide superior cross-country mobility. The TLAV provides mobility on par with the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (MBT).

The Remote Weapon System (RWS), also known as the Protective Weapon Station (PWS), in combination with the 7.62 mm C6 general purpose machine gun, provides the TLAV Crew Commander with day, night, and all weather observation and firing capabilities from a stationary position. The TLAV Crew Commander can fire remotely (hatch closed) or manually (hatch open). This system is found on all TLAV variants except the M577A3.



  • M113A3 variants with five (5) pairs of road wheels per side:
    • M113A3 Infantry Section Carrier
    • M113A3 Mobile Repair Team for Electro-Optic and Weapons Technicians
    • M577A3 Command Post
  • Mobile Tactical Vehicle (MTV) variants with six (6) pairs of road wheels per side:
    • Mobile Tactical Vehicle Light (MTVL) Infantry Section Carrier
    • Mobile Tactical Vehicle Fitter (MTVF) with crane for a vehicle mobile repair team
    • Mobile Tactical Vehicle Ambulance (MTVA)
    • Mobile Tactical Vehicle Recovery (MTVR) with a winch and an auxiliary air-braking system to enable it to tow vehicles equipped with air brakes

Specifications (ISC only)


  • Basic weight:
    • MTVL – 17,108 kg
    • M113A3 – 14,173 kg
    • M577A3 – 16,255 kg
  • Combat load:
    • MTVL – 19,717 kg
    • M113A3 – 16,762 kg
    • M577A3 – 17,195 kg

Dimensions (without bar armour)

  • Length:
    • MTV – 6.26 m
    • M113A3 and M577A3 – 5.27 m
  • Width:
    • MTV, M113A3 and M577A3 – 269.2 m
  • Height:
    • MTV and M113A3 – 2.66 m
    • M577A3 – 3.11 m


  • Track: Rubber Band Track
  • Maximum speed: 66 km/h
  • Range (at 40 km/h):
    • 355 km
    • 485 km – MTVF and MTVR
  • Maximum grade: 60%
  • Side slope: 40%
  • Ditch cross:
    • MTV – 2.18 m
    • M113A3 – 1.68 m
  • Max Fording depth: 1.52 m


  • Type: NATO F-54 Diesel
  • Capacity:
    • 360 L
    • 490 L – MTVF and MTVR
  • Consumption: 0.94 L/km


  • Arctic: Yes
  • Add-on armour: Yes


  • Personnel: 2
  • Passengers: up to 7 with Impact Seating


  • C6 7.62-mm general purpose machine gun, mounted on Fire Control System, Remote Operated, AN/MWG-505 by Rafael (MTV and M113A3 only)
  • 76-mm multi-barrel grenade launchers (2 banks of 4 tubes) capable of Smoke, Fragmentation and White Phosphorus

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