C3 105-mm Howitzer



The C3 Howitzer is a close support, field artillery weapon that is mobile, general purpose, light- towed, and has the capability to fire extended range munitions up to 18 kilometres.

The C3 is manually operated, single-loaded and air-cooled. It uses semi-fixed ammunition, and consists of the cannon assembly, the carriage, and the recoil mechanism.

It can easily be employed for direct or indirect fire and can be elevated to high angles to reach targets hidden from flat trajectory guns.

The C3 is structurally similar to the C1 Howitzer, but is distinguished by its longer 33-calibre barrel and muzzle brake. The gun can fire all standard NATO 105-mm Howitzer ammunition.



  • Weight: 2,454 kg
  • Maximum range of fire: 18,500 m
  • Sustained rate of fire: 3 rounds per minute
  • Maximum rate of fire: 6 rounds per minute


  • 105-mm semi-fixed cartridge
  • 105-mm semi-fixed illumination cartridge
  • 105-mm semi-fixed smoke cartridge

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